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At Pure Beginnings we strive for the highest percentage of natural ingredients in all our products. Our Insect Repellent is 100% Natural, which means every ingredient is naturally derived. There are no chemicals. This makes the product perfectly suited to those with sensitive skin including children and small babies.

DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide), is the most commonly used chemical ingredient in most insect repellents. It can cause allergic skin reactions, particularly at concentrations of 50 percent and above, and eye irritation. A 2013 analysis of about 4,000 DEET-related calls to poison control centers found that 450 people needed medical treatment after applying DEET. Most cases of seizures, slurred speech, coma and other serious side effects have occurred in people who ingested DEET or applied it for three or more days in a row, or used products with 95 percent DEET or more. It’s unclear whether lower doses pose the same risks, but still, experts urge children, seniors and those with weakened immunity to use it with extra caution. This is more than enough reason for us to use safer alternatives which are as equally effective.

The Pure Beginnings 100% Natural Insect Repellent contains a Sunflower Oil & Bees Wax base infused with a number of highly effective insect repelling essential oils. These include Neem, Citronella, Lemon Eucalyptus and Lemon Bush

  • Neem – Azadirachta Indica Seed Oil
    Neem is a key ingredient in providing a natural alternative to synthetic pesticides in agriculture. It is also effectively used in creams and balms to deter insects.
  • Citronella -Cymbopogon Nardus Oil
    Citronella oil is also a plant-based insect repellent, and has been registered for this use since 1948. The United States Environmental Protection Agency
    considers oil of citronella as a biopesticide with a non-toxic mode of action.
  • Lemon Eucalyptus- Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil
    Used in insect repellents to provides hours of relief from Biting insects.
  • Lippia – Lippia Javanica Oil
    Lippia Oil is probably Africa’s most under rated fragrant medicinal plant. It is widely credited as being antiseptic and is believed to be useful as a gargle for sore throats and abscesses. The essential oil is high in ipsdienone, which is shown to repel insect pests.

This combination of these natural insect deterrents, ensures biting insects are repelled, while your health & wellbeing are being cared for too. The easy to use stick is convenient for travel, keeping in your nappy bag and applying regularly.