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Before we get started, you may want to know a little more about Debbie and why we chose her as our pregnant ambassador: More about Debbie: Born and raised in Cape Town, after finishing her studies in Public Relations Management and traveling around the world (with her then musician husband), Debbie and her husband set off to Canada, allowing her him to complete his Masters at Regent College, on the University of British Columbia in beautiful Vancouver. Previously having worked in health and wellness in South Africa, it was this move that solidified the importance of our influence on our health and our impact on the environment. Living in ‘very green’ Vancouver, it was there where her and her husband had their first two children, in unforgettable, breathtakingly empowering and incredibly well supported natural births, and Debbie fell in love with birth and all things birth-related and studied to become a Birth Doula. She admits to crying at the end of every birth she attends and is in awe of the woman, her body, and the miracle of birth. It all seemed so normal and so natural and so right (even though initially, the thought of using ones placenta to create art post-birth is a tad off the wall). After having some stubborn skin issues on her very fresh firstborn, it was only natural products that brought about healing. This was the beginning of everything – hours of googling, reading, researching and making her own natural products for kids. With cloth diapers, natural approaches and organic food easily on hand, going as natural as was possible was the easy and obvious choice. Shortly after the birth of her second child, her and her husband returned to their roots in Cape Town, South Africa where they faced a number of new challenges about how to do this ‘green thing’ in a different country, with seemingly different priorities, and her blog ‘our greenish life’ was born – a place for her to verbally process what she was thinking and how her family was trying to remain green(ish). Debbie enjoys traveling, adventuring, building community, dashing away for a weekend in the Bainskloof mountains and her families foody traditions of homemade Pizza Fridays and Pancake Saturday mornings. She is also an avid runner and has completed 11 half marathons in 5 different countries (the last one in her most recent pregnancy). Debbie’s Disclaimer: I love sugar, luminous nail polish, candy floss and red wine. I run mainly because it allows me to eat delicious un-paleo foods. I desire to live in an apartment on the West End in NYC at the same time as on Galiano Island, Canada growing my own food and naming our pet bunnies. I am very much on a journey in becoming greener and am certainly not getting this right most of the time.