Pure Beginnings is the first South African Baby & Kids line to achieve organic certification with the internationally recognised organic certification organisation Ecocert.*

Ecocert is well known in the industry as the strictest standard for Organic Certification. Pure Beginnings has chosen Ecocert for precisely this reason. “We feel the standard covers many of the important things to our business. We are very comfortable with their strict standards and our products have adhered to the Ecocert principles for many years anyway. “Certification just gives our customers the peace of mind that we walk what we talk”, says Bruce Moore-Gordon, Owner of Pure Beginnings.



ECOCERT Greenlife® have been the global leaders in the independent certification of natural and organic products for more than 20 years. They conduct a complete hands-on inspection of the growing, harvesting and production of each raw material and the manufacturing facility, laboratory and distributor. They then issues a certificate of compliance and a license for the approved products, formulations, packaging and labelling to their strict standards.


ECOCERT Greenlife® inspects and certifies all ingredients (local and imported) with the following criteria:

– Farming practices: Soil conditions, fertilisers and insecticides

– Sustainability: Growing and harvesting protocols

– Extraction: Certifying the processing and extraction of the active ingredients

– Product Development: Formulations, INCI codes audit inspection, packaging and labelling certification and certificates of approval

– Manufacture & Sales: certification and license of the manufacturing laboratory, inspection and licensing of the distributor


The standards also ensure that certain ingredients are excluded, such as products of petrochemical origin such as paraffin or silicone, ethoxylated or glycolated products (PEG, etc.) and the majority of synthetic preservatives including formaldehyde releasing ingredients, parabens and phenoxyethanol.

*Not all products are certified organic – products that are certified organic are indicated on their individual product pages.


Ecocert’s organic standards guarantee that:

– At least 95% of the total ingredients are from natural origin (water included).

– At least 10% of the total ingredients are from organic farming (water included).

– At least 95% of the total plant-based ingredients are organic.




Recognised around the world, ECOCERT Greenlife® ensures a common vision to work towards preserving the environment and upholding organic product efficacy that gives ECOCERT Greenlife® its strength and legitimacy.

*Not all products carry organic certification, only products that are indicated as Certified Organic with Ecocert on their individual product pages.