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Microbiome, Probiotics, Prebiotics – deciphering the code

What do all these terms mean? With the launch of the Pure Beginnings Probiotic Baby range for Sensitive Skin, we’re talking about the human microbiome and the use of probiotics and prebiotics to optimise it. Here we look at what these actually mean: What is a Microbiome? The Microbiome refers to all the microbes that […]


The probiotic care logo on the Pure Beginnings Probiotic Baby Sensitive range, symbolises a number of technologies that have been incorporated into the product to ensure it improves and optimises the skin microbiome. These include: PROBIOTICS – beneficial microbes PREBIOTICS – a food source for beneficial microbes to give them competitive advantage pH – the […]

Pure Beginnings announces growing distribution in South Africa

Pure Beginnings, South Africa’s first certified organic baby brand, announced today its launch into 70 Dis-Chem stores countrywide. Pure Beginnings has recently enjoyed a growing portfolio of retail clients with the addition of a number of Babies-R-Us stores (part of the Toys-R-Us chain) just over six months ago. The brand has also secured a number […]

Pure Beginnings enters the probiotic skincare market with their first two products in a Probiotic Baby range for sensitive skin

Pure Beginnings announced this week the release of their much anticipated Probiotic Baby Care range for sensitive skin. The formulations combine the best in organic baby skin care with breakthrough innovations in probiotic technology. “We have more and more parents coming to us with their babies and small children suffering from skin sensitivity, including eczema […]

A beautiful baby girl, Brea

Debbie and her husband Theran, welcomed their beautiful new baby girl, Brea, into the world on September 16th. Debbie says can’t thank her support team enough, who she says “gave me courage, they believed, they knew, they guided, they inspired and they empowered me (in ones most vulnerable state), to do this crazy, beautiful, natural, […]

One Step to Reducing Chemicals on your Skin

With all the talk around chemicals and our exposure to them, I’ve had to take time to rethink what I do automatically, every day, without thinking, and if it’s a good or bad move on my part, especially during pregnancy. You know that saying ‘Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding a disease or fighting it’… well I think the […]