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Why go fluoride free?

Water flouridation and the use of fluoride in toothpaste has been questioned for years. The practice continues because proponents of its use argue that the doses are too low to effect us. The facts remain however that fluoride is a toxic chemical and various studies have linked its consumption to reproductive problems, lowered IQ, early puberty, abnormal thyroid function, […]

AQUEOUS CREAMS – why it’s worth rethinking this age old traditional skin “remedy” . . .

Why do so many people still use it? The widespread use of traditional aqueous creams for babies is something that continues to puzzle many in the natural and organic personal care industry. The typical ingredient list of a conventional aqueous cream will contain a few (if not all) of the following: Petrolatum Mineral Oil or […]

Mild Surfactants – Why the Product With Which You Choose to Wash Your Baby is the Most Important Choice of All

Can 16 000 Studies of SLS Be Wrong? SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is the most commonly used foaming agent in baby care and cosmetic products. Variations include Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), and Ammonium Laurel Sulfate (ALS). These ingredients have been shown in over 16 000 studies, to have a long list of nasty unintended consequences […]

Bamboo Baby Wipes – Why Bamboo is Better for a Baby and the Environment

Bamboo is better for the earth Replacing disposables with bamboo material can have a major effect on the rate of deforestation of hard­wood forests. Bamboo fibre is a far superior alternative to disposables and the best environmentally‑preferable solution for disposable products for a number of reasons: Regenerated cellulose fiber made from bamboo is a bio‑based […]

The critical link between bacteria living on the surface of the skin and healthy skin

“Science is beginning to uncover the critical relationship between good bacteria living on the surface of the skin and a healthy skin. So the “kill all” approach may well be doing a lot more harm than good. …” Many of us are aware of the benefits of good bacteria in the gut and digestive system, […]