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Cape Town has not experienced a drought like this in over 100 years! It goes without saying that significant consideration must be given as to how to reduce water usage drastically, and quickly. But with limited water, can you still bath your kids?

Gone are the days of running a long, warm bubble bath. But with littlies in the home (and boys often being described as ‘noise with dirt on them’) cleaning oneself is still necessary.

Here is our cheat sheet on how to give your little one a good, fun and clean bath, all the while keeping your water usage to a minimum:

The Bucket: The use of buckets is common practice for the average Cape Townian who no doubt has many in their home.

Add Water: Pour around 2-4l’s of warm, clean and drinkable water to a wide based bucket.

A touch of Fun: While the tot may feel a bit cramped (either sitting in the bucket or resting on moms arm), pour in a little Fun Time Bubble Bath, and fill your mini-tub with a rich and frothy foam of bubbles.

Introduce Colour: Either DIY or buy some non-toxic bath crayons so your little artist can draw, on the bucket or on herself. Another idea is to freeze water in ice cube trays with a drop of food colouring in each cube. Let you littlie chase the ice cube around the bucket and watch it melt adding colours to her bath.

Upcycle a pump bottle and squirt! Have an old Ruby the Rhino bottle lying around? Fill it up and squirt a) your bathroom plants, b) a facecloth for wiping down, or c) each other (we said fun, remember!)

Double up on the bath time routine with a toothless gum-wipe (for babies) or teeth brushing for kids, all while still in the bucket. This will save you having to use the basin water after the bath. Invite Max and Minky or Ollie the Owl (our toothpastes buddies) to your bath time party. Play some music, sing some songs, fun fun fun!

And once you’ve wiped off the bubbles and bundled up your tot, don’t forget to throw the used water (which is also safe for grey water systems) into your toilet’s cistern, or onto your garden.

As Day Zero looms, don’t forget to stock up on Pure Beginnings’ Biodegradable Baby Wipes. These are perfect to use on days between washes.

For more info on the Cape Town drought, please visit the City of Cape Town’s website here.

Please never leave your baby alone in the bath, and always seal significant volumes of stored water so that they are not a drowning hazard.