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One of the most common questions that we were asked by mums at the recent Mama Magic baby show in Johannesburg was, “What can I use for dry skin on my baby or child?”.  Trans- epidermal water loss (TEWL) is a common winter problem as humidity in the air decreases leaving the air very dry. This dry air draws moisture out of the skin through a process of osmosis. In addition to the dry air, we heat our homes in winter resulting in a hot dry indoor environment which further accelerates moisture loss from the skin. Taking hot showers and baths, coupled with the use of strong soaps and washes, strip the natural oil content from the surface of the skin and further aggravate dry skin.


We have several products that help soothe and nourish dry winter skin as well as some ‘Top Tips’ to follow for Beating the Winter Dryness.



Apply moisturiser to their whole body after bath, we would suggest using the Soothing Baby Lotion with organic baobab. Alternatively, if your baby has very sensitive skin or is still very small, we recommend our Probiotic Baby Sensitive Body Cream which is fragrance-free. We also suggest placing a few pumps of our Soothing Baby Massage & Bath Oil into the bath water before or massaging your baby with the oil post bath. Since it is an oil that gets absorbed by the skin and does not sit on the surface, you can use this in addition to, and either before or after the Soothing Baby Lotion or Probiotic Body Cream.



The most common issue that mums of kids face, and particularly boys, is that they don’t like the stickiness of cream and won’t let mom’s put cream on them. In this case, our Soothing Baby Massage & Bath Oil is the perfect solution. Place a few pumps of the oil into the bath water (you can do so without them even knowing) and make sure to pat the skin dry afterward rather than rubbing dry. The skin will be lightly coated and nourished with some natural plant oils, but without the feel of a cream.



For dry patches and red rosy cheeks, nothing beats our Baby Bum Cream with organic baobab. This “heal all” balm is the must have product in every household, especially in winter. Not only will it soothe and deeply nourish those dry patches, but it is the perfect fix for dry cracked lips, nails, elbows, heels and many other skin conditions.



  • Use gentle body washes with ultra-mild surfactants that do not strip the skin of natural oils or raise the pH of the skin – especially during the winter months. Harsh surfactants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) dry out the skin and are proven skin irritants. Most conventional soap is also exceptionally drying and should be avoided if you are suffering from dry skin.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to very hot showers and baths. Rather opt for warm water for shorter periods. Add a tablespoon of a natural plant oil or natural baby oil to your bathwater if you do take a hot bath
  • Keep skin hydrated and use creams and lotions that do not contain petrochemicals or mineral oil. Look out for products with natural plant oil bases
  • In heated rooms where you or your children, spend prolonged periods of time, use a humidifier.