Beat the Winter Dryness with Pure Beginnings

One of the most common questions that we were asked by mums at the recent Mama Magic baby show in Johannesburg was, “What can I use for dry skin on my baby or child?”.  Trans- epidermal water loss (TEWL) is a common winter problem as humidity in the air decreases leaving the air very dry. […]

Pure Beginnings shortlisted for five awards at MamaMagic in Johannesburg

We are very proud to be shortlisted for five awards by the prestigious MamaMagic Parents Choice, Baby Essentials and Green awards. Our new Probiotic Baby Sensitive Body Cream and 100% Natural Insect Spray are finalists in both the Parents Choice category and Baby Essentials category. The Parents’ Choice category recognises the products that are most loved […]

With Sincere Gratitude…

I can’t believe it has been a year since this… together with Pure Beginnings, we launched Debbie’s Pure Beginnings Pregnancy Journey. And, as we’ve wrapped up this journey, I’ve become so nostalgic looking back over the past year. Pregnancy and parenting is such a mish-mash of excitement, stress, fear, trepidation, anticipation, joy, tears and leaking […]

Doing the best, with what you know…

Have you seen the latest list of Pure Beginnings’ Most Loved Products of 2016? You can find the list here, and all of these products have been reviewed on the blog (because they are so super awesome), except I missed this one – #5 on the list, the Soothing Baby Lotion – how did it slip me by?   I’ve heard from […]

Our Most Loved Product of 2016

Our most loved products of 2016 include some “old faithful’s” as well as some “newcomers”. The Probiotic Sensitive Range has been a fantastic addition to the range especially for newborns and little ones with very sensitive skin.   Our 100% Insect Repellent in a convenient spray format was a very popular product for the whole […]

Aluminium under your armpits, anyone?

There was this amazing underarm I used to buy overseas. It was made by a popular store brought brand, and it smelled like watermelon. I LOVE anything watermelon and so this had my name all over it. With coupon culture as it goes in North America, I often used to get it half price, so… […]

2017, let’s slow down shall we?

Here I lie, in my bed, at 8:16pm. Feeling defeated. As it turns out, I should’ve enforced my idealistic ‘use the breastfeeding pillow each and every time you nurse’ rule because this time round, after baby #3, it won’t kill your wrists (like it did with the boys), it’ll kill your NECK. Sounding familiar to […]

That 4th Trimester

Have you heard of the ‘4th Trimester’? Whether you believe in it or not, through conversations, holistic thinking, HypnoBirthing classes, and general doula world stuff, it’s been something I’ve thought about and quite like the idea of. Basically, it is defined as the first 3 months of baby’s life post-birth when they are very newborn […]

3+ months in with 3 kids… and this is what I’ve learnt

Had you told me 5 years ago that I’d have 3 kids under 5 I would’ve laughed AT you (that crazy, ‘you’re ridiculous’ kind of laugh). But here we are. And I’m so fortunate. Looking at my littlest bub, I’m OVERWHELMED by her perfection. Her beautiful strong fingers, the perfect veins on her eyelids, her chubby legs […]

Is Your Toothpaste Safe?

I bet you’ve never actually questioned it. One more thing I had to rethink after I had kids was which toothpaste to buy them, and given the amazing number of options overseas, it was easy to make the best choice. Flouride or no fluoride? Cute organic brand, or cheap grocery store kind? Being a fresh […]