Microbiome – the new buzz word, or the key to our future health?

In many birthing circles, the term Microbiome is not a new one. The documentary Microbirth has created quite a stir amongst childbirth professionals and hence it’s been the talking point for many. The hour long documentary investigates the latest scientific research about the microscopic events happening during childbirth. Events that could have life-long consequences for […]

What is Nappy Rash? Why do babies get it and what’s the best treatment (and prevention)

What is nappy rash? Nappy rash is inflammation and irritation of the skin around the buttocks, genitals and perianal area. It may spread as far as the inner thighs and the waistline. Most babies will develop a mild form of nappy rash at some stage, but generally a few days of home treatment is all […]

A look at our super fruit producing Baobab trees

The majestic baobab is by far the most iconic tree of the African bush. There are nine species with two native to Africa. These giants can grow to be a 1000 years old! Tales of baobabs have always been told for generations. There is a famous story told that during the time when God was adding the finishing […]

Soothing Teething Gel Shortlisted for the Parents Choice Best New Product Innovation Awards

Pure Beginnings, South Africa’s first certified and most trusted organic baby brand, has been shortlisted for two prestigious awards for its SOOTHING TEETHING GEL by the Mama Magic Baby Expo.  The product was announced as a finalist in the Parents Choice Award and the Baby Essentials category at a ceremony in Johannesburg during the recent JHB Mama Magic show. […]

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