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We all know how important it is to keep our kids’ pearly whites clean, but if we’re honest, often it can be quite a struggle. Our newest Brand Ambassador, Mari-Louise, let us in on a little secret which has revolutionised the way we have imagined brushing our kids teeth, thanks to a book she found, The Brushies.

The Brushies’ is a book and animal finger-puppet-toothbrush duo. The characters (100% safe BPA-free toothbrush-finger puppets) ‘help fight off the sugary, bad bugs trying to harm our teeth’. Together they ‘protect gums, ensuring a fresh breath, strong teeth and a bright smile’. All you need to do is “let them in” twice a day. It is a fantastic book and toothbrush combo, but with a little imagination you can think up your own version at home – the idea is to get creative!

The authors of this book are friends and mothers (one a dentist the other a psychologist) and through drawing on their experience in childhood development and with a playful approach to learning, they brought fun and silliness back into the daily brushing routine.

It is recommended start cleaning the mouth from 4 weeks old, either with a fun finger puppet like the Brushies, or simply by rubbing your baby’s gums with a warm, clean facecloth. The earlier you start, the less you’re bound to struggle. You also needn’t wait until the teeth appear through the gums to begin brushing – wiping the gums is important too! Ollie the Owl brings even more fun into the bathroom with our berry toothpaste, designed for kids from birth to 3 years old while Max & Minky the Monkeys enjoy the vanilla-mint toothpaste, suitable for children a little older (from 3 years +). The gentle vanilla-mint flavour acts as a bridge between the baby and adult toothpastes.

All our toothpastes are fluoride free and are safe to swallow. They have gentle, natural flavours, and contain Xylitol which is endorsed by many dental associations worldwide for its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

If you’re hoping for the best outcome when it comes to dental health with your little ones, remember, start early and make it enjoyable! Encouraging lifelong healthy habits at home sometimes requires imagination and creativity, but once mastered, it is fun for everyone!

The Brushies is available from local Baby and Toddler Boutique, Liley and Luca. There are three options to choose from, Brushies book set, a single Brushies finger puppet toothbrush or Brushies gift set (which includes all 4 characters). Please contact them on for more information.



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