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Balance. It seems to be the buzz word on everyone’s tongue. But how do we achieve it? Of course, this looks different to everyone, and might seem impossible to most, but here are a few things to be mindful of as we anticipate the new year ahead of us.

  • Switch off! We’ve mentioned this one before – from unplugging our devices to switching off unnecessary appliances and electronics. Find one spot in the home to charge your phone and leave it there. Make intentional no-phone/screen/computer time and spend that time with those you love. Don’t take your phone to bed with you and try not check it first thing in the morning. These boundaries will be life-changing – so give it a go!
  • Go minimalist: Be it with your shopping list, extra murals, unnecessary commitments or your social calendar. Do what you can to trim the weekend events to a manageable number, shop less and give your brain and credit card a break. Declutter your head space by unsubscribing from your endless stream of emails, and remove yourself from WhatsApp groups you no longer wish to be involved in. Be intentional about what social events you say yes to – slowing down is key!
  • Prioritise your health: We seldom appreciate our health until we, or a loved one is diagnosed with an awful illness. Treat your body with love, care and respect. Why not enter a half marathon, a cycling race or clean-eating goal? If you can’t manage a bold new challenge why not create a daily step goal, MacGyver a standing desk for yourself, or sit on a yoga ball at the office. We are happier and more productive when we are eating well, feeling good, getting some exercise and enough sleep!
  • Spend time alone: This can be HARD! Especially if you have a family or relentless work commitments. Trying to find time alone can be extremely challenging. Don’t despair -sometimes all you need to do is sit on your bed first thing in the morning and breathe deeply. Time alone is crucial to increasing happiness, lowering stress and encouraging creativity, so why not try to journal, meditate, draw or go for a walk. You can do it! 
  • Spend time on relationships: People are important, and life can change in an instant! Recognise those around you and find creative ways to spend quality time with them. It may be a playdate in the park with your kids, brunch with a friend or a surprise date night with your partner. Why not unsubscribe from Netflix and read a book series with your children instead, or skip the gym and have a family workout session?
  • Take up a new hobby: Ever wished you had mastered another language, learned to sew, or play the piano? By filling a creative outlet, you bring new inspiration into everyday life. Dig deep, find a long-lost interest and invest in it! 
  • Spoil yourself: This doesn’t need to be excessive either! Enjoy a glass of your favourite wine, or your best brew of coffee. Stop by your favourite ice cream spot or go for a quick massage. Taking time out for yourself reminds you that YOU matter! And you do! 
  • Correct your autopilot: Do you automatically search the news, open Instagram, mindlessly scroll though Facebook or click through to online shopping sites you know you can’t afford? Take note of where your time goes and whether those activities are worth your attention. 
  • Minimise toxins: And no, we’re not talking about skincare toxins (although you should do that too!!). Try to lessen the negative influences around you. Avoid toxic people – those who complain, whine and have bad attitudes to life. Seek out people who inspire you, support you and see the good in every situation. Your outlook is guaranteed to change if you do!
  • Have fun! While navigating all these changes, don’t forget to laugh! Be playful, be silly, go on adventures, challenge yourself and share the love! After all, nothing beats the feeling of a full heart, and those laugh-till-you-cry moments. 

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