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Celebrating Organic.

Nourishing mothers – A chance to breathe and be restored.

On 1st April, we held our very first Celebrate Organic event. Hosted by Pure Beginnings alongside our beautiful Cape Town brand ambassador, Stella, we drew on her inspiration when it came to what we decided to celebrate.

In this instance, we looked at what Stella celebrates well, and used that as the inspiration behind the event. We love how Stella is such a joyful and proud mama. She lives a healthy life, spending time outdoors and eating plant-based foods, and she pours love, beauty and personal ambition (her own lifestyle stationery business) into her every day. We took these ideas and ran with them – creating an event called ‘Nourishing Mothers – a chance to breathe and be restored’.

Most mothers struggle to make time for themselves, and so we wanted to create a space where moms can do just that – slow down, catch a breath and look at their life with gratitude. We also wanted to learn more about plant-based eating and explore this world that Stella loves so much.

Stella invited ten of her friends to join us, and we met at Nourish’d Cafe and Juicery in Observatory. Sitting in a circle on the floor, watching the sun set through the windows, Chloe led us through a time of gentle breathing and yoga stretches. We slowed our minds and reflected on our lives with gratitude. This was followed by a brightly coloured, plant-based food demonstration, led by the Nourish’d team. A veritable feast, rich in colour and nutrients, the food refuelled and restored our bodies. The vegan galaxy bowls and cacao chia pots were utterly delicious, and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

It was such a privilege to host this Celebrate Organic event and inspire the women who attended to be more thoughtful and intentional in how they spend their time. In addition, we had numerous local brands partner with us in this event, all of whom have their own ways of celebrating their organic. We honour them, not just for their generous contributions towards our event, but for partnering with us in our vision, day in and day out.

Brands Celebrating Organic:

Faithful to Nature is always looking for ways to lessen our load on the planet, and they gave each of us carry bags and bamboo straws – everyday essentials in going green!

Kuro-Bo gave each attendee charcoal Koins, which you can use to naturally filter water. Stellarize Your Life spoilt us with elegant note pads and sticky notes which encouraged us to take time to reflect, contemplate and journal. Holistica magazine is a superb resource as a holistic directory, with wonderfully challenging and inspiring content. Mrs. Milk wants every new mama to feel confident in their breastfeeding journey and gave each of the moms lactation oat bars to try. Silistraw, so conscious of reducing our plastic usage, contributed their incredibly popular silicone straw – perfect for any handbag. Finally, Pure Beginnings gave each woman a new foldable shopping bag, as well as products for themselves – body lotion, natural deodorant and fresh mint toothpaste – skincare from our Organic Care range.

By reducing plastic, supporting local, using honest, organic skincare, encouraging breast milk production, having a beautiful space to write down reflections and musings and drinking naturally filtered water… we’re doing it! 

We’re celebrating organic.