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September can be a strange month of the year. On the one hand, many people tend to hit a post-mid-year slump where stress and exhaustion seem to creep in, while on the other hand, it’s SPRING! A season most commonly associated with blossoming flowers and motivating for the good old ‘Spring Clean’.

Pure Beginnings owes much of its gratitude to the heroes of our products, the ingredients. What nature has provided for us, we are eternally grateful for and therefore we hold the environment and the earth’s seasons in high esteem. It is with such joy we see fruit trees blossoming, jasmine flowering, and new life in our gardens and around our cities. The growth and flourishing of some of our top hero ingredients all ebb and flow like the waves of the ocean and the cycles of life. Spring however, and the newness it brings, is our favourite.

Being Spring, we find it a joy to stop and take stock; to recognise the growth, beauty, challenge, pruning and harvesting we see in each season of life. Eating, planting and harvesting seasonally not only respects the environment around us, but it prevents us from disrupting its biodiversity and the beauty of nature.

Let’s Celebrate Spring!

A spring clean is always a good idea in springtime, but here are a few other ways we can embrace this season and enjoy it to its full!

  • Witness the wildlife. Spring is known as the season of new life and it’s not hard to notice the fluffy yellow chicks waddling after to their busy mothers, or baby birds trying out their wings for the first time.
  • Wildflowers. There is no better excuse than to take a road trip along the west coast for some spectacular sights of South Africa’s untouched wildflowers.
  • Sunshine: As the chill starts to subside, the sun begins to take back its rightful place in the centre of the sky, illuminating the natural beauty all around us.
  • Get outdoors. Be it cycling, running, hiking or simply going for a walk, now is the time to brave the trails, and reconnect with nature.
  • Picnics. Dig through the linen cupboard for that checkered blanket, throw it onto some fresh grass and enjoy tasty picnic treats. Pack a basket with your favourite fresh fruit, homemade goodies, biscuits, preserves, and add some friends for a fun afternoon outdoors.
  • Berry Picking. Be it blueberries, blackberries or strawberries, let’s revel in the delicacies of the spring and summer seasons. Find a local farm, take the family along and enjoy a morning picking berries straight off the plant, and into your mouth!
  • Prioritise. This particular season of ‘newness’ allows us to revalue and take stock of what consumes our days, and how we spend our time. Do you long for a weekend away with friends? Now is the time to plan one. Want to spend more time with your family? Why not start a family tradition. Want to slow down and live more simplistically? Spend a weekend walking through your home, decluttering. Now is the time.

Spring is a beautiful season, filled with newness, hope and excitement – let’s celebrate it!

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