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We all have different stories to tell and different convictions at heart. This year, we want to encourage YOU to find yours – and celebrate them! Celebrating organic does not mean you need to live a perfectly orchestrated, neat-and-tidy life. If anything, digging deeper and finding that which moves you toward an inner joy can be a rather raw, challenging and messy process.

What is your organic? It could be intentional time with your kids, growing your own fresh produce at home, committing to ditching single-use plastic, or buying local. It’s not about a right or a wrong way to live. It’s about being conscious of how you spend your time, holding yourself accountable, and inspiring others in the same way.

Maybe your organic looks like attending your local Saturday morning farmers’ market as a family, taking up a new hobby you’ve been dreaming about, or volunteering in a community-orientated organisation. Maybe it’s spending more time outdoors, signing up for a trail run, making time to read more books, or slowing down and embracing a new approach to gratitude.

Is your organic found in your kitchen, growing herbs and brewing kombucha? Or is it evident in the natural and organic skincare products you’ve chosen to use on your family’s skin? Could it be found around your dinner table, while you enjoy a lively conversation over a home cooked meal? Perhaps your garden houses a chicken coop and fresh granadillas, or are your children’s bedtime routines filled with cuddles and story book after story book, helping to stimulate their absorbent young minds?

Baking bread, squeezing oranges or sipping freshly brewed coffee – where are you pausing, contemplating, rethinking?

This year, our desire is to encourage a movement towards being more attentive to how we live, and why, and inspire others on this journey! Each of our organic stories will look different – a beautiful collaboration of who we are as individuals.

We want the discovery of YOUR organic to be a celebration of a slower, more intentional and thoughtful way of living.

Tell us, what is your organic?