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Pure Beginnings is a family-owned and -run company that has the well-being of our customers at the heart of our business. From humble beginnings, we have grown into one of the most trusted organic skin-care brands in South Africa, and have always been guided by our founding principle:

Pure Beginnings keeps your family’s skin as pure as the day they were born by providing high quality, effective, organic skin care products which are not harmful to the environment – ensuring peace of mind from the beginning”.


Pure Beginnings is (and always has been) natural and organic. Our aim was to create products free from the chemicals found in many conventional personal care products. Of course, this means that all the raw ingredients we use are also free from any residual chemicals that may be present as a result of farming practices.


Our products are pH-balanced to match that of the skin, and any ingredients that disrupt the skin’s pH are excluded. Only ultra-mild surfactants which do not strip the skin of its natural oils, or cause skin irritation are used. Natural vegetable oils are used as the base, thereby avoiding petrochemicals completely. Essential oils are used for their therapeutic properties, and to add natural fragrances. All non-certified synthetic fragrances and colourants are avoided.

Pure Beginnings closely follows the latest scientific research in the treatment of skin, and always considers this research when formulating new, or updating existing products. As an example, because of the ground-breaking research that has been done on the Human Microbiome Project, we introduced a probiotic baby range for sensitive skin, which actively feeds the skin with probiotics (good microbes).


Pure Beginnings is against animal testing in any form – we do not test our products on animals, nor do we source ingredients from suppliers who do. We use human volunteers to test our products.



As an African company, Pure Beginnings appreciates that many of our indigenous plants have had to adapt to the harshest conditions to survive, and because of these adaptations, produce some of the most powerful ingredients. We specialise in combining these unique African ingredients with traditional botanicals to produce products with exceptional efficacy. Biodiversity preservation is extremely important to us, so these ingredients are ethically sourced from rural communities in Southern Africa.

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