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Pregnancy is one of the most miraculous experiences for a woman, yet often the season of growing a little life within one’s body is plagued by horror stories. From morning sickness to swollen ankles, mood swings and non-stop trips to the bathroom, pregnancy can be cast in a bad light. This Pregnancy Awareness Month, we’re hoping to give it the honour and reverence it deserves.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy this short and incredibly meaningful season of your life.


There is a presumption that one will grow up, fall in love, get married and have babies. It has somehow become a societal norm – the way our lives should play out – but it doesn’t happen that way for many people. Take a moment to be grateful for the life within you. It is a true miracle and something far beyond our control or comprehension.

Take back your thoughts

Try not get mixed up in the fear mongering and horror stories which can surround pregnancy. Each scary story seems to be in competition with the next, and there tends to be an overemphasis on and dramatization of certain aspects of pregnancy. These stories contribute to the fear surrounding pregnancy and birth. Where proper healthcare is available, medical teams are committed to offering excellent care to moms and babies, and most pregnant women end up with a healthy baby. Surround yourself with as much objective prenatal and postnatal information and education as possible. Foregoing negative thoughts about your pregnancy is a big step towards enjoying the experience.

Connect and journal

Take a few moments each day to connect with the changes going on in your body, as well as the little life causing them. Don’t treat your pregnancy as a means to an end. Jot down when you felt that first flutter, record the appointments with your birth team and what you’re learning about your baby. Read books and sing to your baby while sitting in the car or lying in the bath. Connect! The best thing about documenting your pregnancy (the pictures, cravings, strange dreams, growth tracking) is that you’ll then be able to share them with your child one day.

Pamper yourself

…and not because you ‘deserve it’ but rather because this is a time where it’s important to show yourself some kindness and compassion. Eat healthy and nutritious food, buy new clothes to fit your growing belly, take a trip you may not be as inclined to take with a baby, or just grab an extra date night with your partner.


You’re having a baby! If only we could bottle up extra hours of sleep and claim them back once the baby arrives. Pregnancy is the best excuse to do what many of us consider the most enjoyable activity: nothing! Your body is working hard, and no doubt so is your mind. Rest is one of the most productive (as counterintuitive as it sounds) things you can do.


In all the big ways and the small. Your life is about to change in the most remarkable way, so enjoy it!