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It’s taken us a moment to actually stop and reflect. These past few years have been hard. We’ve all felt it, and it’s worn us all down a little. Our reserves are low and our margins tight.

Pandemic or not, it’s good to take stock of everything going on, and to celebrate the victories.

That’s what we’ve done here! Our minds are always in motion – planning, dreaming, working. We always want to move forward, take every step with purpose, and cultivate understanding.

So, over the last 18 months…

  1. We launched our Organic Care I AM range

Our I AM body care range was formulated with the whole family in mind. Unlike more ingredient-focused products, we tapped into the emotion, the person, the feeling, and brought you four incredible body washes (Fresh, Awake, New and Clean) along with three wonderfully creamy body lotions (Calm, Quiet and Gentle). As you’d expect, this new range boasts 0% parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, or sulphates.

Keeping your skin Naturally Happy.

  1. We brought you Khwezi!

Khwezi the Kingfisher is the most recent character to join the Pure Beginnings family. He is happily perched on our Cleansing Hand Wash – a product which has become even more important due to the Covid pandemic (darn, we were really hoping to get through the blog without having to use the C* word).

Khwezi protects against the spread of germs and is free of triclosan and other harmful chemical ingredients, making it not only healthier for your skin, but also watercourse friendly!

  1. We updated our product packaging

Phew, this was a biggie! Every single product had a mini makeover, producing a cleaner, neater, more modern feel. We improved on our bottle quality, revealed a unique new shape, and updated our branding – and we think they look beautiful!

These are the same great products you have come to know and love – just better.

  1. We revamped our website

We did a big, BIG overhaul and recreated our ‘home’. Our website is the place our characters come alive. It is a home which is educational and information-rich, and where your online experience is fun, helpful, creative, and inspiring.

  1. We launched Organic Teen

In the pipeline for years (literally!), we have always wanted to close that link between Organic Kids and Organic Care (adult-focused products). We did it – with Organic Teen. Six new products and two new ranges (Everyday Multi-Function and Specialist Facial).

This range is an excellent solution, not only for tweens starting out on their skincare journey, but for older teenagers needing something more targeted to their specific concerns as well.

There is more to come! Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting movements – we’re not slowing down.

Blog Disclaimer

The purpose of the Pure Beginnings blog is to educate and provide awareness of our products, ingredients and a more natural and healthier lifestyle. Although every effort is made to provide information that is true, factually correct and beneficial to our customers and followers, the content on the blog is not a substitute for professional medical or healthcare advice, diagnosis, treatment, dietary, or safety advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified experts with any questions you may have regarding a medical question, condition, or safety concern. Reliance on information presented on this blog is at your own risk.