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Here are some fun facts about our bestsellers!

1) Baby Wash & Shampoo:

The baby wash was the first product we ever formulated. Although the packaging and design has evolved tremendously over the years the ethos has remained the same – to provide little ones with a safe and natural wash that is suited specifically to delicate, newborn skin.

That gentle and comforting scent you can smell – that’s rose geranium. The unforgettable aroma creates a deep sense of nostalgia for many moms. Rose geranium is commonly grown in gardens across South Africa and is known to balance and calm the skin, as well as boost and improve its elasticity.

2) Baby Bum Cream:

Our Bum Cream is not only for bums! This cream has surpassed all expectations (even our own!) in treating nearly everything. Our thick, lush, therapeutic cream contains a powerful blend of baobab fruit extract and tea tree and lavender oils. This delicious combination is high in vitamin C and antioxidants, which help soothe and moisturise the skin. These ingredients also contain natural antiseptic and healing properties, which makes our bum cream the most obvious “go to” for many topical skin ailments: from scrapes and bruises, cracked lips or heels, dry elbows and cuticles, rashes, insect bites and much more. Go on, try it!

3) Biodegradable Baby Wipes:

We’re not going to speculate as to how many wipes one uses over the first few years of a little ones’ life, but it is A LOT. From changing nappies to wiping sticky hands and grubby faces – pack upon pack of wipes can be found in nappy bags, nurseries, cars, and handbags. They are the most important addition to the nappy bag, besides the nappy itself, of course.

Did you know that most wipes are a mixture of water and chemicals pressed into an absorbent disposable cloth? This cloth usually has tiny pieces of plastic particles woven into it to give it strength. Whilst wet wipes are technically ‘disposable’, this does not mean they magically disintegrate. Instead, like most of our rubbish, they are shuffled off somewhere, out of sight (and out of mind), adding to our landfills, where they proceed to wreak havoc on our environment.

We must – and we are – doing better! Choose biodegradable wipes for your baby (and for our environment!)

Have you tried any of the products in our bestseller trio?

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