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If you haven’t already seen over on Instagram, the Pure Beginnings team are heading to the gorgeous Southern Drakensberg to take part in this years’ Glencairn Trail Run. Based at Glencairn Farm (the home of Sani2C), in the foothills of the majestic Sani Pass Valley, the Glencairn run involves a weekend of trail running over two routes, with two distances.




Our intrepid trail runners have two options: the Ram Run, or the Lamb Run. The Ram offers an 18km and a 17km (35km total) run, and the Lamb offers a 10km and an 8km (18km total) route. Both routes enjoy a mix of terrain with a couple of technical sections. This is sure to be fun, seeing that one of our team recently described a hydration pack as a bag with an ‘over-the-shoulder water suction-thingy’.

Some of us are trained and ready, and some of us are… well, not so trained, but we’re all equally excited. Some are excited for the run itself, and some are excited for the fresh Drakensberg air, the view of a million stars at night and a weekend away from the mental to-do lists. Either way, the anticipation is real!

We are heading to Glencairn not just to take part in this superb and well-loved trail run, but also, to partner with Tamika and her Glencairn team in sponsoring Pure Beginnings Body Washes and Lotions for all runners to use. We have also popped some products in every runner’s race pack. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store.

With that said, here’s the low down on how our team care for their skin on the trails.

Pre-run – hydrate. We all know hydration is good for our overall health, our bodies, and our skin, so it’s a no brainer.



We all love a post-run shower! 

Showers are the best way to cool down after exercise. We suggest you take a moment to stop, breathe and let the water fall over your tired body. Cold(er) showers are also popular with some sportsmen and women, as the cold can help with mild inflammation – but you do you. We wouldn’t ever force cold showers on anyone!

While post-run showers are incredibly rewarding, they can cause a little discomfort if you’ve experienced chafing on your run. To help ease this irritation, we recommend our Pure Beginnings body washes. Our washes are mild and non-drying and will provide a gentle, healthy, body care experience. With certified organic ingredients Pure Beginnings body washes are plant based, vegan and watercourse friendly – which means that whatever washes away into the ground, river or stream leaves no negative impact on the environment.

Our top body wash choice for the Glencairn Run – I AM FRESH.

Lotion is your best friend after a workout!

Not only does moisturising feed your skin and help soothe any cuts, scrapes or chafe you endured on your run, it also deeply rehydrates the skin. Some people experience drier skin after running. Running increases the speed of the air that comes into contact with the skin, which causes faster sweat evaporation, which in turn can cause even more irritation. Another benefit of moisturising after a run is that it forces you to sit down, slow your heart rate and take a moment to catch your breath. Our range of body lotions (Calm, Quiet and Gentle) are packed with good ingredients – the kind that feed your skin microbiome and boost barrier function, leaving it feeling soft, soothed, and wonderfully hydrated.

Our top choice of body lotion for the Glencairn Run – I AM QUIET – mainly because – aaahh – nothing encourages quiet more than sitting in nature enjoying a post run bevvie, admiring the spectacular backdrop of the Drakensberg.

Lastly, let’s talk deo. 

As runners (or aspiring runners) – we’re no stranger to sweat! In fact, one’s sweat level is almost a badge of honour. What we want from a deodorant is a product that allows our pores to breathe and keeps us from stinking. From our bestselling Forest, Monsoon and Scent-Free roll-on deodorants to our 100% biodegradable stick deodorants Orchard and Bloom, to our newest additions of Mineral and Sensitive – we have a deodorant to suit everyone.

All our deodorants are certified organic, vegan, BWC certified, free from nasties (including aluminium chlorohydrate), and pH balanced to that of the skin. Our top body deodorant for the Glencairn Run – Scent-Free

Body wash, body lotion and deo – packed and ready.

We’re setting off on Friday the 21st of October – keep your eyes on our Instagram feed for coverage of the event. Wish us luck!

Keen to hear how we did? Look out for the post-run Glencairn Dairies instalment – to see how it all went.