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Skin care has been our focus for the last 12 years. Organic, intentional, fun, honest skincare. But behind the products you see on the shelves in health stores and farm stalls, behind the characters on the packaging and our beautifully curated Instagram grid, is a deep conviction to create not only pure skin care – but to better the lives and the health of all who engage with our brand.

Our values go so much deeper than bringing you an organic product you can trust.


We care for people and want to empower them in nurturing fair opportunities. Sourcing fair traded natural product ingredients from African communities helps provide much needed income, which in turn puts food on tables, educates children and pays for medical support when needed.


We care for the environment and strive to protect plant biodiversity and thriving ecosystems. We respect the world around us, and ensure our products are all rapidly biodegradable and environmentally and water course friendly.


We care for and respect all animals and are vehemently against animal testing of any kind. We are proudly registered with the Vegan Society and Beauty without Cruelty.


We care about waste and see the plight of those around us who are working tirelessly to reduce it. Our packaging is recyclable, and we are constantly investigating new ways in which we can lessen our impact on the environment.


We care for local small businesses. Buying local stimulates our economy, creates employment, gives back to the community, reduces pollution and literally changes lives. Buying local means that we see through the product to the people.


We care for YOU, your skin, and your health by doing all we can to provide the very best in organic skin care. Pure Beginnings prides themselves in keeping your skin as pure as the day you were born by producing high quality, effective, organic skincare products. Our products care for you and your family’s skin, and are not harmful to the environment, giving you peace of mind from the very beginning.

From the grandmother in Sub-Saharan Africa, picking baobab fruit and caring for her grandchildren, all the way to you, our customers, who hold our product in your hands, we are there.

How do you celebrate organic?