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Aloe Vera has become known over the centuries for a variety of healing powers. The benefits however are not just an old wives’ tale. These healing qualities are medically recognized and there are now many creams, ointments, and cosmetics made from the leaf extract (juices) which are being sold all over the world.

It is perhaps best known for its soothing an anti-bacterial properties which are included in treatments for sunburn, acne, ageing, psoriasis, eczema and many more. It also produces at least six natural antiseptics, which are able to kill mold, bacteria, funguses, and viruses. In fact, the plant is so powerful that researchers and scientists are looking into its potential as an AIDS and cancer-fighter.

Pure Beginnings Gentle Bamboo Baby Wipes contain Organic Aloe for the soothing and anti-bacterial properties. A perfect ingredient for baby wipes!