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Southern Africa is one of the poorest regions in the world with millions of families, particularly in remote rural areas, surviving on less than £60 a year. Agriculture has failed to alleviate poverty as much of the region suffers from low rainfall and poor, soil and, many of its people are too poor to afford seeds, tools and fertilisers.

Africa contains a quarter of the world’s biodiversity, with more than 30 000 indigenous species that are well adapted to unforgiving environmental conditions. For centuries they have provided Africans with fruits, oils, remedies and nutritional supplements.

Sourcing fairly traded natural product ingredients from African communities helps provide income to put food on the table, educate children and obtain medical support when needed. It also helps protect biodiversity and the environment, as communities realise the value in protecting their local forests, instead of clearing them for firewood and to plant un-productive crops.

Pure Beginnings is an accredited partner of Phytotrade Africa, a fair trade organisation that supports community-based projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.