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As Mother’s Day approaches, the idea to create a series for mom’s came to life. Unlike most campaigns at this time, which often aim to provide some reprieve to an exhausted mom; this series aims to create internal shifts and to challenge moms to not just have a day off only to return to the status quo, but to reframe their way of being, in a way that allows them to feel alive.

In line with the Organic Care range from Pure Beginnings, this series sets challenges for moms using a few of our favourite Pure Beginnings product names.

Challenge 1 : Awake

All too often, entering motherhood gives birth to a new and meaningful role, but often comes at the sacrifice and even slow death of many other parts of us. For many years, our soul existence centers around being a mother. And while this is one of the most important roles of all, we want to AWAKEN the parts of ourselves that may have been lying dormant for too long. This challenge encourages you to think about something that ignited a fire within you, the thing that brought you deep joy, the thing you did for YOU, that you no longer do. Awaken that within you. Search within yourself and do one thing that is purely for you. Two things that I have re-awakened within myself this year are my love for running, and my love for reading. These two things very quickly fell away while I was in the early years of parenthood. Deep in the trenches they fell to the bottom of the priority list, and soon slipped away completely. This year, I have awakened these two things in my life, and oh the joy they have brought with them is untold. Find what is lying dormant within you, and awaken it!

Challenge 2 : Gentle

Arguably one of my favourite challenges. Today’s parenting is all about being GENTLE. We are consuming non-stop information on how to be gentle parents, and to break past destructive patterns. But this challenge is not about your parenting – this challenge is about you being GENTLE with yourself. With a move towards conscious parenting, we are so quick to critique ourselves, be aware of where we’ve failed, and to know our short comings. But the grace we often give our children is lost on ourselves. This challenge encourages you to be gentle with yourself, to see what an incredible job you are doing, to recognize how you’re showing up for your kids every single day. It is so easy to focus on one hard part of a day, that we easily cast aside all the good. This challenge encourages you to be gentle on the hard part of the day, give yourself the compassion you would give your child, and find the good in what you are doing.

Challenge 3 : Quiet

If your home is at all like mine, having little kids means it’s very rarely quiet. I often find myself feeling like there is constant noise, a noise that buzzes long after the children are asleep. At first, the noise is little footsteps, and hungry tummies, and later in the day turns into screeches of excitement and rough and tumble play. But when the little bodies are long asleep, the noise still creeps in. The on-going list of things to do buzzes like a large scale generator –  appointments to make, lunches to pack, homework to be done and play dates to organize. Even in the darkest hour, the quiet falls further and further away. This challenge encourages you to find your QUIET. For just a few minutes or moments in a day, let the noise fall away. Don’t allow yourself to enter the headspace of the mental load. Rather, find a few moments where you can just be. No doing, just being.

Challenge 4: Calm

One of the hardest parts of being a mother, is trying to remain calm in an ever-changing, tumultuous, up and down world. Striving for CALM is something almost all of us do, yet is achieved by so few. This challenge encourages you to find a way to bring your calm to life. How, in the face of a storm, do we hold our own calm, so that our calm becomes the contagion that seeps through our homes. All too often, we are looking outward to find ways to calm ourselves, and fail to find the calm from within. When children begin to fall apart, and the whines, moans, oppositionality and meltdowns become increasingly unmanageable, we struggle to find our calm.  I want you to find your calm in the face of your children.  When your child is asleep, go into their rooms, lay next to them and take them in, every inch of them. I want you to look at every last feature of them, and find the part of their bodies that make them still feel so little. Look at their tiny hands, or their small little faces, their teeny toes or their small little nose. Find that thing that melts you when you look at it. Find that thing that reminds you that they’re still little, and they’re still learning. And when you find yourself in the heart of the storm, find their little, focus on that thing, and watch as a wave of calm washes over you.

Challenge 5 : Fresh

This challenge encourages you to take a fresh perspective on motherhood. It is so easy to get caught in our own internal narrative of all the hardships and struggles we are enduring. We are in the thick of parenting and it is tough! But how easily do we get stuck in this mindset, we see the harder that much easier, and quickly pass over all the good. Get yourself a FRESH perspective. Force yourself to reframe your days, shifting your understanding and your mindset. Whether you understand difficult behaviour through a different lens, whether you develop a greater curiosity to everything your child does, or whether you internally reframe your approach to each day, shifting your internal voice and inner narrative.  End each day with a reflection on all the good things that happened, finding gratitude for even the small moments.

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