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What’s in a (Regular) Wet Wipe?

The wet wipe industry is paramount. Besides the baby industry, wet wipes are commonly found in the handbags and cars of most parents (for all sorts of emergencies) as well as those travelling, work on-sites and in classrooms. Wet wipes are incredibly convenient, and the uses are endless. But there is a dark side. The extreme use of wet wipes has been compared to, and considered as detrimental as, the use of plastic shopping bags!


Did you know?

  • Regular store bought wipes are a mixture of water and chemicals pressed into an absorbent disposable cloth which usually as tiny pieces of plastic particles woven into the cloth to give them strength.
  • Wet wipes are technically ‘disposable’, but this doesn’t mean they magically disintegrate; instead, like most of our rubbish, they are shuffled off somewhere, out of sight (and out of mind), adding to our landfills where they proceed to wreak havoc on our environment.
  • While the word ‘flushable’ on a packet of wipes might make us feel a bit better, we’re not off the hook quite yet. There is no official standard for defining a wipe as “flushable” and most often wipes that are flushed, do not break up into small enough pieces, quickly enough. Flushing of wipes has been identified by sewerage systems worldwide as a major management crisis due to the clogging of pipes and entire systems. Adding to this, the wipes eventually enter into the ocean are often ingested by sea creatures, such as turtles, who mistake them for jellyfish.
  • Along with straws and many other plastics, wipes have been known to wash up on beaches all around the world.


Can we do better?

Of course! While it is not always convenient for us to pull out our reusable washcloth, a bottle of soap and water whenever we need to, there is a better, more sustainable, and convenient solution! Pure Beginnings has a 100% biodegradable wet wipe which can be composted.


Proof is in the product:

  • Our 100% biodegradable wipes are made from plant fibers. No plastic is infused into the wipes which makes them safer, much softer and much, much better for the environment.
  • They can (and should) be composted ensuring no landfill impact. They shouldn’t however, be flushed, because, in our opinion, no wipe should be flushed, until there is a standard defining what “flushable” really means and is deemed completely safe by sewerage and water management bodies. We need to protect our waterways.
  • Our wipes are safe for you, your baby and the environment. They are infused with completely natural liquids, are non-toxic, free of harsh chemicals, and are made to nourish and care for your baby’s skin causing no adverse reactions.
  • These natural ingredients include Organic Aloe Extract which is incredibly soothing and acts as a natural antiseptic as well as Organic Tea Tree oil, a natural fungicide with wonderful healing properties.
  • We are Vegan and Beauty without Cruelty accredited and our wipes contain no nasties, such as parabens, petrochemicals, or synthetic fragrances.


The result: no danger to the environment and no danger to your skin. Only benefits! There really is no comparison.

Click here to read more about the Pure Beginnings Biodegradable Baby Wipes whcih are available in a single pack of 64 wipes or a triple value pack of 3 x64 (192) wipes.