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Meet Ed and Christél, our new Brand Ambassadors!

Ed and Christél tied the knot in the winter of 2013. Almost exactly 6 years later; their baby girl Clara (otherwise known as Clara Bear) joined the Beukes clan. Ed spends most of his time working in the wine industry, while Christél, former model pursues a career in the Health and Wellness industry as Health Coach and entrepreneur. They are both certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches and created a vlog as platform to share life in all honesty with a focus on holistic health and happiness, The Wholesome Vlog.

So here is the inside scoop on our newest Ambassadors:

Tell us more about yourself and your family:

Well there were two… and then there were three. We’re happy to be a family – it is something we dreamed about for many years, but we’re currently in the tough zone with a very cute but very high demanding, teething and sleep depriving four month-old baby. We’re still in the phase where we’re discovering what we’re like as a family. When it comes to me and Christél – it’s like two peas in a pot. Yes, I wanted to marry a ‘boere-meisie’, we regularly laugh at the ‘pod’ joke. We can compare our relationship to a Bougain villa; it’s hardy, has survived some serious drought, but keeps growing into a tree while showing off some colourful and ever-green flowers along the way.

What are you most passionate about:

The taste of warm, freshly baked, fluffy, stringy, airy and buttery croissants. The beach. Essential oils. Tasting wine and drinking wine. Salsa-dancing and spicy food. Travelling. Travelling and Eating. Eating and travelling. Rusks. Roadtrips. Movie soundtracks. Discovering God.

What is your best time of day:

Around 6am. Both of us had some sleep and Clara Bear awakes with the cutest little smiles and red puffy cheeks.

What makes you burst with joy?:

Did we say that we like croissants? On a serious note though, we burst with joy when we see restoration in people or reconciliation among parties. It’s the most beautiful thing to see people living in harmony and reaching their full potential.

How long have you been a Pure Beginnings fan? Any favourite products?

The light went on when a colleague asked only for Pure Beginnings products at her first baby shower. I guess it was a natural process to stock up on Pure Beginnings when Christél went into her final trimester. Favourite product so far – Baby Wipes!

How do you embrace the Pure Beginnings lifestyle at home?

We live according to the 80/20 principle. 80% of the time we do your best – remaining mindful about what we eat, which products we use and every other decision in life. There is still that 20% though, the “I-ate-an-entire-cake” or “I’m-just-too-exhausted-to-brush-my-teeth” moments and with those we also try to embrace the imperfections in life without putting ourselves on a guilt-trip. We pursue a healthy lifestyle, holistically and feel grateful for where we are at in life in order to give Clara a pure beginning as far as possible.

If you weren’t writing and blogging about everything on life, health and happiness, what would you be doing?

Ed would be writing creative novels inspiring people to reach their full potential and Christél would be dancing on a stage (while raising 6 children).

Name three things you cannot live without:

Croissants. Nutribullet. Wine.

What excites you most about this Ambassadorship?

Becoming part of a like-minded community as well as extended family while sharing our Pure Beginnings story as we integrate the products into every facet of our lifestyle at home.

Welcome to the family Ed, Christél and Clara Bear!