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Kelly is wife to Neill, mother to their daughter Hannah and is currently pregnant with their second child, a son. She authors the blog The Healthy Process where she shares her personal experience and holistic thinking around how health can be created and achieved by anyone. Her family has grown roots in beautiful Cape Town (after living for a few years abroad in Sydney, Australia), and we are thrilled to have her join the Pure Beginnings family.

Kelly, tell us more about yourself and your family:

I am married to the most incredible man, we will be married 6 years this year. We met in Cape Town and have moved between 8 provinces and one country until coming back to Cape Town. We have the most beautiful daughter Hannah who is 3 years old and are expecting the newest addition to our family in March 2021, a baby boy. We are perfectly imperfect, love binds us.

What are you most passionate about?

Sharing my healthy process. Most people think health is so one sided (what we eat and how we exercise). Health is multifaceted. Yes it’s what we eat and how we move our bodies but more importantly it’s about our mental health, our relationships, how we talk to ourselves and others, how we care for ourselves, our families and our planet. Health is everything, the greatest gift.

What is your best time of day?

Afternoons around 3-5pm or first things in the morning. In the morning Hannah is so cuddly and looks so cute with her morning hair, she always wakes up happy and excited for the day, it’s impossible not to absorb her happiness.

I love the afternoons because all the play school and activities for the day are over and we just get to ‘be’ at home. This time usually includes tea and a rusk with either swimming, playing outside, going for a walk or Hannah helping me cook something in the kitchen. It’s the fun time before the dinner and bath-time routine.

What makes you burst with joy?

Just watching my husband and daughter. Watching them play, hearing Hannah laugh deep down from her cute little belly and watching her soak up new information. Currently it makes me burst with joy when I see her excitement about becoming a big sister. She will sometimes come and just hug my stomach and ask ‘is the baby smiling?’ My heart melts.

How long have you been a Pure Beginnings fan? Any favourite products?

Hannah was born in Australia and we moved back to South Africa when she was about 1 and a half. A few days into arriving back home we were staying with my sister-in-law who had just had a baby. When it came to bath time she pulled out the Pure Beginnings Baby Wash & Shampoo (we call it Owlie) and I had never smelt anything so incredible. When I read more about it I fell in love. I went and bought some Pure Beginnings products the next day and I’ve never looked back.

How do you embrace the Pure Beginnings lifestyle at home?

We are mindful about how we live and know that the products we use don’t only effect our health but also the environment. We often live with the ‘well what difference could I possibly make’ attitude but we take action on that statement. We recycle, use chemical free cleaning products and use natural products on ourselves – enter Pure Beginnings, making that part incredibly easy!

If you weren’t blogging or hands-on parenting, what would you be doing?

I would probably be working or volunteering at a church and taking up a workshop/course on photography.

Name three things you cannot live without:

My faith, my family and friends and good cup of coffee.

Tell us one thing most people don’t know about yourself:

I am actually quite shy. Doing Instagram stories on my phone each day isn’t as easy as it might seem but I love stretching out of my comfort zone and connecting with my followers.

What excites you most about this ambassadorship?

The authenticity behind it. It is the only and first South African organic skin care product I tried when returning home from Australia and have never swayed for good reason. Pure Beginnings feels like home: the people, the product; it is part of my family.

Welcome to the family, Kelly!

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