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We are thrilled to announce our new Brand Ambassador, Stella, wife to Robin, Mom to Noah (3,5), Kaia (nearly 2) and a third little one on the way (due in January). Stella is the author of the blog ‘Stellarize Your Life’ and all around avid traveller, homemaker, runner, designer and finally, owner of Stellarize Lifestyle Stationery & Gifts, where she designs unique stationery and gorgeous gifts that let you organise your life in style.

So here is the inside scoop on our newest Ambassador:

Stella, tell us more about yourself and your family:

Hi there! I am married to my best friend and am Mama to our little Noah and baby girl Kaia. We are beyond excited to be expecting our third child, as I have always dreamt of having a big family! Our current home is Cape Town, a place that has captured my heart and has me living in the moment. Our life (since I was a baby myself) has had us moving around a lot and so my roots are forever drifting in mid-air, but in my heart I know that they are deeply embedded, perhaps not in one place just yet, but in one beautiful little family, which I get to call my own.

I’m German-born but together with my four brothers, raised as a third culture kid, by my two wonderful parents who taught me nothing less than to love, respect, appreciate, learn and embrace. Having lived in nine countries so far and travelled to over 60, my eyes have opened to so many beauties of this world, allowed me to learn languages and meet amazing people. I’m an avid traveler yet I am happiest at home, where my favourite place has always been the kitchen. I find myself on the constant lookout for inspiration and strive for a balanced life, where I value time for myself as much as time with others. I believe in living every day with intention and purpose and in valuing the small, delightful details of life, which make it so wonderful.

What are you most passionate about:

I am most passionate about raising well-rounded, curious, kind and generous humans – little world explorers that understand what it means to show empathy and respect. I’ve always been passionate about travelling this world and more than ever before, I am passionate about seeing different cultures and places through the eyes of my children.

I am passionate about health and feeling strong and fit for my family. I’ve always been a keen runner and have run several marathons, but just recently ran my first ultra marathon, which was one of my most proud achievements in life. I have many other sporting events on my wishlist (but can only cram those in, in-between pregnancies). I mostly follow a plant-based diet (with the exception of when we are invited for a meal, travel and want to immerse ourselves in a local culture, or when we treat ourselves to dinners at special restaurants), and I couldn’t love it more. It has brought me a feeling of ‘lightness’ and an energy, which I’ve never felt before in my life.

What is your best time of day:

Two times in the day, for two different reasons:

  1. Those morning hours (between 8am-noon) are usually my most productive. Whether it’s going for a run, taking a cycling class, running errands or just sitting down at my desk and getting back to emails and the admin of this world…these are the hours that allow me to kick goals (IF both kiddies are being looked after by kindergarten/nanny).
  2. Those evening hours once the kids are in bed (between 7pm-10pm) are my golden hours. Those are my creative hours where I feel inspired, write, edit photos, work on creative projects like photo albums, work on my Stellarize work, or just do a good dose of online shopping (mainly kid-room related).

What makes you burst with joy?:

As corny as this sounds, my children’s happy faces make me literally burst with joy. That uncontrollable love that suddenly takes over where you can’t help yourself and you just need to hug them so tight and smother them in kisses (neither of which they probably enjoy all too much). I burst with joy when Kaia runs towards me and almost tackles me with a hug, or when Noah creeps up to our bedroom in the early hours of the morning to come for morning cuddles. I love it when Kaia laughs and smiles so wide that she shows nearly all of her adorable little chompers, or when Noah has his serious and very deep conversations with me, about how the world works and why things are the way they are.

How long have you been a Pure Beginnings customer? Any favourite products?

I’ve been using Pure Beginnings since I fell pregnant with my first child, Noah, four years ago. I didn’t know anything about the brand but I remember purchasing Pure Beginning’s baby wipes and I just fell in love! They are so gentle, smell absolutely delicious, and most importantly, they are biodegradable and made with only natural and wonderful ingredients. Since Noah has made me a Mama, we have travelled a lot as a family and so I have tested baby wipes all across the globe and I can honestly say that nothing compares.

If you weren’t blogging or hands-on parenting, what would you be doing?

I have had the dream of starting my own lifestyle stationery business, but put this dream on hold so that I could focus our family as much as possible over these past years. The time has come though, where I am finding that I am craving a new kind of balance. One that allows me a few hours to myself and my little business dreams and I am very much enjoying the gradual process of getting there.


Name a few things you cannot live without (fun question: food/favourite appliance/etc.)

  1. My Vitamix Blender for those morning and midday smoothies.
  2. In all honesty, my Canon Camera and my phone!!! I love taking pictures (and editing) too much and given the amount of time my hubby is away for work travel, my phone is our lifeline, keeping us connected.

What excites you most about this Ambassadorship?

Proudly representing a local brand whose values are aligned with my own.


What I:

Know: That change is healthy and necessary.

Love: Too many things to list but a few being my morning almond cappuccinos, dancing to music with my little people, getting dressed up for a wedding or a date night, and swimming in a warm tropical ocean.

Read: ‘A House in the Sky’ by Amanda Lindhout, but that is the first book I have opened in the last 3 years.

Want: To take a year out of every-day life in the future, where we take the kids out of kindergarten/schools and pick a few places in this world and just travel as a family. For a full year. The memories we will make!

Need: Weekends where hubs is home. It fills my happiness tank up to the max!

Welcome Stella! We are so excited to have you as part of our Pure Beginnings family!