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The #nomakeupselfie campaign epitomises what can be done when people, social media and a strong belief system come together. We now live in a world where our collective voices can make a meaningful and real difference! How exciting and empowering!

As a brand so passionately focused on natural and organic ingredients, we really hope people remember that by bearing all for their support of Cancer, they remember that it is the many toxins and chemicals which are so prevalent in so many make-up and skincare products that are being directly linked to this dreaded disease.

We really commend all the brave women out there who have taken the step to post their #nomakeupselfie pics on Facebook and make a donation to Pink Drive in support of fighting this disease. We hope the challenge extends to making the change to a chemical and toxin free beauty and make-up regime. We are passionate about prevention and hope we can lessen the prevalence of this disease by encouraging women to make simple changes to choice of the daily products they apply to their skins.