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Pure Beginnings, South Africa’s most trusted organic baby, kids, and care brand, is delighted to announce the launch of their newest product line, Organic Teen.

Launching this October, Pure Beginnings’ Organic Teen range will complement the current Pure Beginnings offering. It includes specialist facial skincare and everyday multi-function products that are specifically designed for the skin of tweens, teens, and young adults.

It has been 15 years since Pure Beginnings launched their first organic baby products. “Our Pure Beginnings babies have grown up”, says Bruce Moore-Gordon, owner of Pure Beginnings. “We have identified that the babies and kids that used Pure Beginnings in their early years are now looking for a range targeted at their specific tween and teenage skin, but with the same principles they have come to know and love from our brand.” 

Whilst the Pure Beginnings brand has expanded over the years to incorporate the whole family, the need for a dedicated range for tweens, teens and young adults is something that the brand has identified for some time. There are very few natural options in the local market for teens that are safe, affordable, certified organic, but that also appeal to young adults and their specific lifestyle and skin concerns.

“As a brand, we have always been committed to providing safe, effective and convenient products for the whole family, whilst still maintaining our high standards of ensuring all ingredients are of an organic and natural origin”, says Moore-Gordon.

“We believe that our certified organic Teen skincare range offers an excellent solution, not only for tweens starting out on their skincare journey, but for older teenagers needing something more targeted to their specific concerns as well.”

specialist facial


• Teens looking for a more targeted skincare routine
• First signs of break-outs and problem skin
• Sensitive skin or any signs of inflammation


Probiotic            Prebiotic      Salicyclic Acid   Natural Actives


    Probiotic             Prebiotic


Salicyclic Acid     Natural Actives

everyday multi-function


• Active and sporty teens
• Fuss free multi use
• Unisex
• Tweens and as a first introduction to skincare


Prebiotic      Willow Bark    Natural Actives

• Active and sporty teens
• Fuss free multi use
• Unisex
• Tweens and as a first introduction to skincare


   Prebiotic        Willow Bark    Natural Actives

 all good things

come from the science of nature

Pure Beginnings has always utilised the natural science of botanical ingredients to formulate products that are not only safe and gentle, but also highly effective at delivering on their promise. The Organic Teen range utilises natural ingredients that are specifically suited to cleansing, nourishing, and protecting young skin as it changes on the journey into adulthood.

Based on evidence that a gentler, less intrusive approach to skincare preserves and balances the skin, Pure Beginnings takes a ‘less is more’ approach. The Organic Teen range is pH balanced and contains microbiome-friendly ingredients like pre- and probiotics. These ingredients help prevent the overproduction of sebum, whilst still ensuring the skin barrier is healthy and balanced.

The Pure Beginnings Organic Teen products contain many key active ingredients known to be highly effective at treating break-out prone skin:

Probiotic extracts
Assist in restoring balance to skin prone to breakouts.

help strengthen the skin’s natural protection against daily stressors.

Salicyclic Acid
promotes a blemish-free complexion by gently exfoliating and targeting clogged pores and blackheads.

strengthens the skin’s natural defence barrier and helps balance oil and sebum production.

Willow Bark
naturally exfoliates skin and helps clear pores to give skin a clearer, healthier appearance.

kind & responsible

clean & green

The new Organic Teen range holds to the values and principles you’d expect from Pure Beginnings. The products are certified organic, are vegan, contain no nasties and are not tested on animals. Ever conscious of the impact on our environment, the packaging is

recyclable, community sourced ingredients are included, and the formulations are biodegradable and water course friendly.