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Our Work With Childbirth Educators

Pure Beginnings has always been a brand that puts a great deal of value on education. As pioneers in the organic baby skincare market in South Africa, we had to educate about organic skincare, and how our products differ from conventional skincare brands. In order to achieve this, we found ourselves on the incredibly important journey of teaching childbirth educators about the various ingredients found in personal care products and understanding which are safe and which are not.

Pure Beginnings recognises and values the great importance childbirth educators have in the journey of motherhood. The practical and invaluable advice CBE’s provide, particularly to new moms navigating many unknowns, is something we understood to be of great importance to us as a brand. CBE’s have the power, through their influence, to change the industry. Advising parents on the safest and best products to use on themselves and their little ones, is something we take very seriously. We will always continue on our quest for education and hope to be an ongoing source of valuable information to CBE’s on all things to do with skin.