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We are so excited to have partnered with Dr. Jenny Rose, a Clinical Psychologist and Parent-Child expert in our new Connected Family Series. Together we have created a series of wonderful tools that encourages connectedness within the family; modelling kindness, empathy, and which equip children with an effective emotional vocabulary.

This week’s activity focuses on table talkers. Table talkers are cards that have various questions on them that are designed to elicit conversation between family members.

This activity really sparks some of the most basic, yet important components of our primary relationships – engagement and connection. Through table talkers, we can connect and be with our kids in a way that is free of obstacles, homework, chores, and daily activities. It uses fun, new ways of thinking, some silly possibilities, and unlikely scenarios to get our children to let their guards down ever so slightly and connect more deeply with family members. This activity should be light-hearted and should encourage playful and silly interaction, whilst at the same time fostering a deep and meaningful acceptance of each other.

Instructions: While around the dinner table this week, take turns pulling a card from the table talkers jar, and exploring that question. As an additional activity, you can create your own jar by using an old tub or glass container, with a label made and decorated by the family. Allow your kids to take control here, decorating and adding elements as they please. It does not need to look good, but it does need to encourage engagement and fun! Fill the jar with your cut out table talkers and get started!

Download and print our Table Talkers above to use with your family. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram, @purebeginnings if you’d like to share your experience.

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