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We are so excited to have partnered with Dr. Jenny Rose, a Clinical Psychologist and Parent-Child expert in our new Connected Family Series. Together we have created a series of wonderful tools that encourages connectedness within the family; modelling kindness, empathy, and which equip children with an effective emotional vocabulary.


This week we want family members – adults and children alike – to get to know themselves a little better. Each family member completes a set of questions set out on a worksheet. At the end of the week, family members can discuss their answers, and learn new things about themselves and their family members.

This activity is a fantastic way of allowing each person an individual opportunity to explore things about themselves that they may or may not know. Both positive and negative elements of the self can be incorporated to create a fuller sense of self. It also allows kids to develop insight into areas of growth, and ways that this might be achieved.

This activity asks questions in a very open-ended way, which allows children to answer and explore at a level that is comfortable to them. At the same time, the questions allow for a great depth of thought as there are no right or wrong answers, and each question can be responded to in many ways. Not only do these types of conversations encourage learning about each other, they also allow for a special emotional connection through the holding and containing of honest and true emotional experiences. Family members should experience these conversations in a safe space and whatever is discussed should be respected and treated gently and mindfully.

Download and print our Connected Family Series to use with your family. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram, @purebeginnings if you’d like to share your experience.

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