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We are so excited to have partnered with Dr. Jenny Rose, a Clinical Psychologist and Parent-Child expert in our new Connected Family Series. Together we have created a series of wonderful tools that encourages connectedness within the family; modelling kindness, empathy, and which equip children with an effective emotional vocabulary.


This is a fun and simple activity that the whole family can participate in. On an A4 sheet list each letter of the alphabet with a line next to each letter. Family members can team up in pairs (or as many as can work in your family) and embark on an alphabet scavenger hunt. The aim is to find something in your home that begins with each letter of the alphabet. As you run through the house finding your items, write each item next to the relevant letter. When you are done, bring it back to the table and compare items with the other team(s).

This is a high-energy, fun activity which will have family members dashing through the house looking for items to fill their list. The game should foster engagement and connection and have a playful yet competitive feel to it. Adults should ensure that the scavenger hunt is only used as a tool to encourage energy and speed. It should not create anxiety or distress or become too challenging for a child. The goal is to reflect on the activity and compare differences in thinking or strategies (for example, for the letter b, one team may have dashed for the bananas, while another ran for a ball).

Download and print our Connected Family Series to use with your family. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram, @purebeginnings if you’d like to share your experience.

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