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Pure Beginnings announced this week the release of their much anticipated Probiotic Baby Care range for sensitive skin. The formulations combine the best in organic baby skin care with breakthrough innovations in probiotic technology.

“We have more and more parents coming to us with their babies and small children suffering from skin sensitivity, including eczema and other skin conditions” said Bruce Moore-Gordon, owner of the South African organic brand. “New scientific evidence is showing a strong link between probiotics and an improvement in skin sensitivity and other skin conditions. We wanted to be the first to bring this innovative technology to caring for baby’s skin”.

As South Africa’s most trusted organic baby brand, the progression into a holistic approach of caring for the microbes on the skin (known as the skin microbiome) was a natural one. “All our products are already formulated to optimize the skin microbiome. They are organic, use only natural plant oils, are pH balanced and many already include a prebiotic” continues Bruce, “However the inclusion of actual probiotics into the new range is a technological innovation that will assist in actually shifting the balance of microbes on the skin in favour of good, beneficial species, thereby outcompeting and excluding pathogenic microbes”, he concludes.

Current research shows that probiotics are effective in treating skin sensitivity. Microbes on the skin have a great impact on the skin’s barrier function and its ability to protect and hold moisture. When the skin microbiome is disrupted and there are more pathogenic (harmful) species and less beneficial species – the barrier of the skin is compromised, often presenting in the form of skin sensitivity or skin conditions such as eczema. Applying probiotics to shift the mix of species on the skin, in favour of the beneficial species, has shown to improve the barrier function of the skin, and in turn the overall condition of the skin.

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