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Skin care has been our focus for the last 12 years. Organic, intentional, fun, honest skincare. But behind the products you see on the shelves in baby, pharmacy, health and food stores, behind the characters on the packaging and our beautifully curated Instagram grid, is a deep conviction to not only create pure skin care, but to better the lives and the health of all who engage with our brand.

This year we are hoping to bring special attention to the heart behind what we do. Pure Beginnings was born out of a desire to keep your skin as pure as the day you were born – a desire to create something pure, something honest, something thoughtful, something more intentional – something better.

It is a privilege for us to share with you the values we uphold and the principles by which we do everything at Pure Beginnings.

Our Pure Principles

Pure skin – We are committed to providing high quality, safe and effective organic skincare products which nourish, moisturize and allow the skin to thrive. Skin health is our primary focus when developing products, and as a result, it drives the choice of every ingredient we use. From the mild surfactants that don’t strip the skin of its natural oils, to the prebiotics that nourish the skin’s beneficial bacteria, you can be sure that when it comes to the health of your skin you can trust us with confidence. 

Better health – We view health holistically. Reducing our overall chemical burden is an onerous task in modern times, and at Pure Beginnings we are proud to offer a product that not only works better than conventional products, but significantly reduces your exposure to chemicals.  Our products do not contain an exhaustive list of ingredients that are deemed unsafe – either by Ecocert, our trusted source of ingredient safety, or by ourselves – based on extensive scientific literature and data. We always strive to provide a better, safer alternative that is affordable and widely available.

Earth conscious – We care deeply for the environment around us and strive to protect plant biodiversity and thriving ecosystems through our choice of raw materials and our partnership with various community sourcing cooperatives. We respect the world around us, and ensure our products are all rapidly biodegradable and environmentally and water-course friendly. Pure Beginnings is proudly endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa, as well as being vegan accredited.

Happy design – Pure Beginnings endeavours to bring fun, colour, joy and excitement to children’s lives through our animal characters, vivid use of colour and fun-time facts. Our family of characters has grown over the years and have become recognisable faces in thousands of homes across our beautiful country. Ollie the Owl has been a part of the brand from the very beginning and is as loved by our customers as he is by us.

Best performance – Pure Beginnings closely follows the latest scientific research in the treatment of skin health, and always considers this when formulating new products or updating existing ones. The steady growth of the brand has come through word of mouth and recommendations from both childbirth nurses and parents. We have gone from strength to strength because of our products’ undeniable efficacy. They just work!

Pure Beginnings is also the first baby and kids brand in South Africa to be certified with Ecocert. As the global leader in organic certification, this independent accreditation means the business is meticulously audited to validate all raw materials and formulations, and to ensure our manufacturing and packaging adhere to their strict safety and organic standards.

Growing community – We care for people and aim to empower them by nurturing fair opportunities. Sourcing ethical, sustainable and fair-trade natural product ingredients from African communities helps provide much needed income, which in turn puts food on tables, educates children and pays for medical support when needed.

Join us as we do all we can to encourage skin health, alleviate poverty, inspire small communities and care for animals – all whilst we continue to bring you South Africa’s favourite and most trusted organic skincare products.

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