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While skin care has always been front and centre for us at Pure Beginnings, when you zoom out, the bigger picture focusses clearly on better health. Healthier skin care means a healthier body.

There are 6 principles which are fundamental in guiding Pure Beginnings. They affect all our decisions and direct the types of products we make, the suppliers we use, the contents of each product and how we operate.



We view health from a holistic point of view. Our aim has always been to provide a cleaner, safer skincare alternative that is affordable and widely available to all families. Reducing our overall chemical burden is an onerous task and we are proud to offer a product that not only significantly reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals but works better than conventional products too.

The words mineral oil, paraffinum and petroleum don’t sound like they belong in cosmetic and skincare products, do they? They certainly do not evoke feelings of nourishment, health, or healing either. We are intimately aware of the health concerns conventional skin care products can create. From synthetic fragrance to phthalates, petrochemicals and parabens, extensive scientific literature continues to tell us the same story – these products are not good for us.


Every ingredient used in a Pure Beginnings product has been chosen for a specific purpose. We believe in the irrefutable power of nature. Natural products are less abrasive, more soothing and have exceptional healing properties. From rooibos to aloe, lavender, chamomile, baobab, shea butter and tea tree… these ingredients speak to years of trusted benefit to our general health.

We are on the side of health, and given the plethora of natural ingredients available to us, why would we choose anything else?