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While the new year brings with it a wonderful opportunity to start a new year afresh mentally, emotionally and physically, it is hard to reach the end of the month without the bombardment of ‘new year – new you’ messages, often involving new diet plans, resolutions, fitness fads and idealistic goals.


Well this year, we’re hoping to switch it up entirely, and we’re replacing the detox with a retox. Have you heard of a retox? The concept of a retox was initiated by Angelica Malin, the Editor-in-Chief of About Time Magazine who describes it as ADDING to your life instead of TAKING AWAY.


You could call it a boycott of the stereotypical ‘detox’ so often associated with the new year and ‘a new start’. Rather than jump on the detox bandwagon, why not join us in a retox?


What exactly is a Retox?

‘A retox is all about adding things to your life, not taking things away. Where detox often encourages restriction, limitation and deprivation, retox is about enrichment and doing more of the things that make you happy’.


Make a list of things you want more of in your life – things you find life-giving and which inspire you. Instead of forcing yourself into the gym at 6am every Monday morning, consider swapping it out for the occasional hike in the Drakensburg or entering a half marathon with a friend you want to spend more time with. Maybe it means signing up for a cooking class so you can broaden your culinary imagination (where dinner time becomes less of a chore), grow your own organic greens and herbs at home, start a new hobby guilt-free, reignite family traditions like eating around the table, or have more picnics on the beach.


Shift your mind away from what you can’t, shouldn’t and mustn’t over to what you can, should and must! What makes your heart sing? What makes you laugh? What brings out your inner joy?


This year we’d love you encourage you to do MORE, of exactly that!