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We’ve had a few people ask us why we’ve launched a larger format 500ml Baby Wash & Shampoo. As one of our most popular products in the Organic Baby range, mom’s often buy 3 or 4 of the 200ml units of this line so that they don’t run out. So why did we introduce the bigger size? At a cheaper price (per ml)?

First and foremost, we always put the customer’s perspective first. A larger size would not only reduce the price for families who use the product in large amounts, but it would also mean less trip to the shops, changing to a replacement product less often and one less thing to add to the shopping list.

For us, the reasons are not only about increasing value of money and convenience for our customers. Bulk products also reduce the amount of packaging, energy and other resources required to produce them.

We highlight a few advantages of bulk buying:

  • Save money. By not paying for all the individual packaging and labeling, you’re getting more product for your money
  • It’s environmentally friendly. Aside from the obvious reduction in packaging and plastic, the manufacturing of many smaller size wastes energy and resources. When you buy in bulk it’s a positive contribution to our planet’s health.
  • The cost and energy used in transporting and shipping products and packaging is disproportionate to size and weight. Larger bulk products use less energy and save money than a number of smaller products of the same volume.

Whether you buy in bulk at the store or online, you help minimize the impact of your purchases on the growing problems of waste and global warming — and get more for your money in the bargain.