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1. Get a little sunshine

Avoiding sun exposure has become a way of life in our very harsh climate. We have learnt to give it a wide berth it all costs. However, a little bit of sun is good for both your mood and your skin. Whilst excessive sun exposure is certainly not advised, a few rays can help improve break-out and blemish-prone skin.

2. Cut out the unhealthy eating

Say no to sugar. Sugar causes inflammation in the body – and skin breakouts are a form of inflammation. Eating processed foods as well as those high in sugar, will exasperate inflammation, so aim to eliminate these from your diet as much as possible.

3. Exercise regularly

Get your sweat on! Regular exercise contributes to healthy skin. It helps to lower inflammation by increasing blood flow. In addition to providing oxygen, blood flow also helps flush waste products – including free radicals – from working cells.

4. Drink up – hydrate

Water is good not only for your skin, but for all your bodily functions – we know this. Try to drink consistently throughout the day before you become thirsty. Because water helps flush toxins and assists with hormone regulation it is important to break-out prone skin.

5. Quit the soap, hot water and over-cleansing

Less is more! Over-cleansing can cause irritation to the skin and increase inflammation. Choose mild, natural products to cleanse the skin and use lukewarm water. Look after the skin barrier and avoid washing all those nourishing natural oils and microbes on the surface of your skin, down the drain.

6. Incorporate inflammation-reducing foods

Try to incorporate foods into your diet which have shown to have good anti-inflammatory action, such as avocados, almonds and blueberries. Breakouts and blemishes are a sign of inflammation so these foods will help heal and soothe the skin.

7. Use natural make-up and always wash it off before bed

Create new and healthy habits. Leaving your skin make-up free is highly recommended, but if you do need to cover up blemishes, opt for a natural, mineral make-up that doesn’t block the pores and enables the skin to breathe. Remember to always gently remove make-up before bed.

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