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At birth…

Congratulations, your baby is here! From your womb and into your arms, there is no better place to be.

Babies are born with a luscious, thick, sticky substance on their skin, known as Vernix. It is nature’s perfect moisturiser! Cuddle your baby and rub it in. Hidden amongst that velvety vernix is a world of microbes – microscopic single celled organisms imperative for maintaining the health of the skin and body. Think of these microbes as your skin’s best friend! They improve the skin barrier, reduce water loss, and help to fight off infection. The World Health Organisation recommends not washing your baby within the first 24 hours after birth, to allow the vernix to be fully absorbed – and we could not agree more.

Skincare Tip: For those very early days, use Pure Beginnings’ Probiotic Sensitive range. Packed full of probiotics (important, health-inducing microbes), this range has been specifically designed for the most delicate and sensitive of skins. By using a product with probiotics, you are feeding the skin with healthy microbes, nourishing your baby’s skin from day 1. Our probiotic range is fragrance free and won’t disrupt the bonding between mom and baby, allowing the baby to easily recognise his mother by her smell (usually it is that of her breast milk!)

Along come the Nappies…

And millions of them! One of the first things you come to learn as a new parent is the art of the nappy change – only because you do it about a gazillion times a day. The most common (and preventable) ailment found among babies, is nappy rash. Bum cream should be a staple in every nappy bag. It soothes sore bottoms and helps to protect against dampness and infection.

Skincare Tip: It is important to find a bum cream which protects your baby’s bum, while also allowing it to breathe. Harsh petrochemicals, such as mineral oil and paraffin wax are commonly found in most bum creams. These crude oil derivatives are a no-no, as they create a barrier on the skin, effectively preventing it from releasing toxins, which then become trapped on and beneath the skin’s surface, causing more harm.

Our Pure Beginnings Baby Bum cream contains no nasties and is perfectly safe for every bottom. It contains baobab extract as well as olive, lavender and tea tree oil. It is an extremely effective barrier cream, and with its natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, it works wonders on keeping your baby’s rear free from nappy rash.

Working hand in hand with our Bum Cream is our Biodegradable Baby Wipes. The two are the perfect pair! Our wipes are soft and gentle and are made from 100% biodegradable plant fibre. They contain organic aloe extract and organic tea tree oil, which are known for their soothing, anti-bacterial and natural antiseptic properties.

The combination of our baby bum cream and gentle baby wipes is a must for all new moms. Nappy changing doesn’t need to be a chore when you have these two on hand!