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Oh hey there mamas! 

As the days get warmer and the sun hangs around a little longer in the sky, we can feel that summer is in the air. And if you live in Cape Town… it’s about time! 

Along with the excitement of summer, comes the dread of those pesky little bugs… MOZZIES! They really can put a dampener on an evening outdoors or a family camping trip in the bush.

The thought of a buzzing mosquito deciding whether your cheek, wrist or ankle should be its next landing pad makes us shudder with discomfort. It’s even harder to keep these humming critters away from our little ones and their beautiful, plump, delicate skin.

So you’re probably wondering which product is best (and safest!) for protecting your little ones from those pesky mozzies. Well, we’re here to tell you that our Insect Repellent (which comes in both spray and stick) is the answer. 

We often get asked the which is used for what, and what the main differences are between the spray and the stick? Short answer – both are safe, effective and very, very popular. 

Why don’t we dig a little deeper to see which one might be best for you:

Let’s talk about the insect repellent stick first.

Once your little one is asleep, you can rub the stick directly onto his/her skin, avoiding areas which they may instinctively put into their mouths (such as their fingers/hands). Their clothes form a barrier between the mosquito and their skin, so the stick is only necessary on exposed skin, making a 25g stick last quite a long time.

How about the insect repellent spray.

The spray can be used directly on the skin, but for tiny babies we suggest spraying it on your child’s bedding, curtains, sleep sack and pyjamas before dressing them and putting them in their room at night. This way they won’t inhale the spray but are still well protected.

So, whether you’re looking for a convenient and easy-to-apply option, or an all-natural solution that lasts all night, we’ve got you covered. From all of us at Pure Beginnings, we wish you a happy, healthy and mozzie-free summer!