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Clear Skin. Clear Conscience.

The Pure Beginnings Organic Teen range is known for being as good for teenage skin as it is for the planet. We’ve created products that are 100% cruelty-free, vegan and watercourse friendly. Harness the science of nature in a way that’s better for your skin, and kinder to the earth.

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Pure Beginnings Organic Teen. That’s right, we’re not just a baby brand!

Our experience over the last 15 years of developing safe, effective and much-loved organic baby products has guided the formulation of Organic Teen. Life is such an exciting journey – and we feel honoured to walk it alongside so many parents. From the first nappy change to the first steps, and all of life’s precious moments in between, we’re proud to play our part in supporting moms and dads who hold the whole family together.

And now, we’re excited to help you on the next step of that journey.

Teenage years can be tough on skin

Amongst oily skin, acne and breakouts, finding balance can feel almost impossible. Many products on the market include harsh surfactants, artificial colourants, parabens and other chemicals that may damage the skin’s natural barrier or have other unintended health concerns. We recognise that focusing only on quick fixes and short-term results can create more problems in the future.

Our approach
is different

Our products aim to create harmony – they help balance the skin’s oil production and minimise breakouts and problem skin. By using microbiome-friendly ingredients like pre- and probiotics, our products encourage happy, healthy skin by bringing things back into natural balance.

Pure Beginnings Organic Teen products effectively cleanse, nourish and protect young skin as it changes on the journey into adulthood.

We’ve done the research and know the science. You can trust us to look after your teen’s skin.