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Bridging the gap between our incredibly popular Baby Wash and Shampoo and our Organic Care Shampoo and Conditioner is our Fun Time Conditioning Shampoo, designed for those wanting natural and effective hair care for their kids.

Formulated specifically with children in mind, the Fun Time Conditioning Shampoo does not contain parabens, silicones, sulphates, colourants or synthetic fragrances. Perfect (and safe!) for everyday use, it’s ideal for children with a normal to dry scalp.

Why use a natural shampoo on your kids?

  • Natural ingredients are safer to use on a daily basis, especially on soft, sensitive and eczema prone skin.
  • Using an organic shampoo significantly reduces the chemical burden on your child’s body.
  • Organic shampoos reduce the number of harmful chemicals that end up in the environment.
  • Organic shampoos containing aloe stimulate hair growth and are known for their healing properties.
  • Organic shampoos do not contain SLS or silicone.
  • Our children’s hair is healthy! It hasn’t been subjected to years of dyeing, drying, straightening or curling. By using a natural product from the beginning, there will be less chemical build up, and ultimately, much healthier hair.

The sad truth is that there are many less-than-ideal chemicals used in conventional kids’ bath products. Looking at the ingredient list on the back of the bottles, it’s hard to understand most of them. Subsequently, we have very little idea whether these ingredients are suitable for our kids or whether they are harmful to their health. In conventional hair care, SLS can strip and dry the hair. Silicone is then used to ‘fix’ it, giving it that silky smooth, glossy shine. When it comes to our children, a gentle shampoo free from harmful chemicals is a much safer and more balanced approach.

Why disrupt the skin barrier?

We always consider the impact that our products have on the natural environment of the skin and hair. Our all-in-one conditioning shampoo contains marula oil, organic baobab fruit extract, organic aloe and organic rooibos. The mild surfactants do not strip the hair of natural oils, and each of the ingredients used plays an important role in ensuring the skin and scalp are nurtured and protected. The rich lather won’t irritate little eyes, meaning bath-time tears are kept at bay. It’s a win-win situation!

Specifically formulated for children, keeping hair healthy!

Marula Oil is high in the antioxidants Vitamin C and E, as well as oleic acid. It helps to seal damaged hair and lock in moisture.

Organic Baobab Fruit Extract acts as a natural conditioner for the hair and scalp. It helps to detangle and moisturise dry hair.

Organic Aloe helps to soothe and calm the scalp.

“This conditioning shampoo has been the best I have tried for my little boy’s dry scalp. It smells GREAT and rinsing it causes no tears. Absolutely safe!” – Juzaan.

Pure Beginnings Fun Time Conditioning Shampoo is certified organic with Ecocert, has sustainably sourced its ingredients through Phytrotrade Africa and is Vegan accredited.

Ticking all the boxes, there really is no reason not to give it a try!

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