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When we think of probiotics, we usually think of our gut. Although that is not wrong (gut health is very important), we often overlook the fact that probiotics assist with ALL health, including that of our skin. Probiotics are especially important when it comes to skin with some areas of concern, such as teenage skin.

What are Probiotics & Prebiotics? Probiotics are beneficial bacteria (also known as microbes) which occur naturally in our bodies. Every surface of your body is covered in microscopic creatures, mostly bacteria. These organisms create their own wonderful and important micro-ecosystem called the microbiome. Prebiotics are food sources for these beneficial microbes.

Why are they needed? Applying pre- and probiotics to your skin helps improve its microbiome. Aside from assisting in reducing inflammation, probiotics also help nourish and protect the skin by locking in moisture. Blemish-prone skin often has an imbalance of good and bad microbes, so increasing the good microbes will, in turn, help exclude the microbes that can cause skin problems. This will improve the overall health of the skin.

How our Organic Teen range can help: Pure Beginnings Organic Teen range contains ingredients such as Lactobacillus Ferment (probiotic), as well as Inulin and Baobab fruit extract (prebiotics). In addition, the range does not include any ingredients that strip, harm or disrupt the microbiome of the skin. The products are also pH balanced to the natural pH of the skin (4.5-5.5). This provides a wonderful environment for the healthy bacteria to thrive.

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