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Many of us agree that probiotics are important for our health – but if we’re honest – we’re not quite sure why. A probiotic often comes in a liquid or a tablet form, is either refrigerated (or not), and we simply swallow it. The ingredient terminology can be difficult to understand, and often, we simply trust that what we’re popping into our mouths is going to be beneficial… somehow.

What has come to light most recently, is that while we have all been paying so much attention to probiotics assisting gut health, we have overlooked the fact that probiotics assist ALL health, including our skin.

So, what are Probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria (also known as microbes) which are naturally found in our bodies.

Every surface of your body is covered in microscopic creatures, mostly bacteria. These organisms create their own micro-ecosystem called the microbiome. Although we don’t really notice it is there, the microbiome plays an enormous role in our health and can even affect our moods and behaviour.

Why are Probiotics needed?

Probiotics feed the skin microbiome with good bacteria, helping them thrive and multiply further, and ultimately outcompete the not so good bacteria. They encourage the health and growth of your body’s natural micro-ecosystem.

Let’s use the example of the common cold. Most likely, your first thought would be to take Vitamin C, and possibly drink a ginger, lemon and honey drink to boost your immune system. Similarly, when your skin microbiome is weak, you need to boost it with something that can support and strengthen it. Your answer: probiotics.

Applying probiotics to your skin improves its overall microbiome. Aside from assisting in reducing inflammation, probiotics also help nourish and protect the skin by locking in moisture.

Quick point: Don’t get confused between probiotics and prebiotics. Prebiotics are food sources for the good bacteria. By giving the good bacteria food, they grow and multiply creating a stronger army to fight free radical damage and harmful bacteria.

How our Probiotic Baby range can help:

Our certified organic Probiotic Baby Sensitive Cream Wash and Body Cream are perfectly formulated to support, feed and nourish delicate newborn or troublesome skin. Applying a probiotic to your skin helps improve the skin barrier, reduces dehydrated skin and promotes immunity against infections.

These products contain the hero ingredient Lactobacillus Ferment (probiotic), as well as Inulin and Baobab Fruit Extract (prebiotics).

Our formulations always consider the skin’s pH and how this affects the skin microbiome. The ingredient lactic acid assists in adjusting the pH to the correct level (4.5-5.5) and provides a wonderful environment for the healthy bacteria to thrive. 

When we chat to moms and dads, one of the questions we are asked most frequently, is how to treat sensitive skin. Certified organic by Ecocert, Pure Beginnings Probiotic Baby products are the very best you can offer your family when it comes to establishing the long term health of their skin.


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