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Genevieve, tell us more about yourself and your family:

I am Genevieve, pronounced with French charm, and I am wifey for lifey to my husband Hanno. He is a carpenter, and he is my favourite human! I am mom, through the miracle of adoption, to my cute, sassy, and sweet little boy Harland. Through the amazing miracle of embryo adoption, I am expecting not one but two little Filipino girls in March 2021. Our little mixed-race family is not bound by race, gender, or creed – but by love.

What are you most passionate about?

Gosh this is a hard one, because there is so much I am passionate about!  I think my family and friends would describe me as a passionate person because when I take something on, I really try to do it with my whole being. Off the top of my head, I am passionate about family and community, and telling people my story so that I point them to the author of it, Jesus. I am passionate about being creative, about photography, content creation and making things beautiful. Yup, I am passionate about a lot!

What is your best time of day?

Because I’m pregnant my favourite time of day is any time of day I can nap! LOL! In saying that though, I do know I am NOT a morning person. I need a good thirty minutes to wake up and warm up before I can tackle the day. My husband usually makes me a good cappuccino which I enjoy in bed every morning. Only then do I feel awake enough to face the day.

What makes you burst with joy?

First and foremost, I would have to say Jesus. My faith is an overflowing source of joy in my life. My family is a close second. I also love cooking for family and friends. It makes me so happy to watch people around a dinner table talking and laughing, enjoying a good meal and drinking some good vino. My joy also comes from doing anything creative especially photography, painting and writing.

How long have you been a Pure Beginnings fan? 

We started using Pure Beginnings when we were going through fertility treatment. We decided to make the change to natural products and Pure Beginnings was our first choice. We’ve been using Pure Beginnings for a good three years now – and we just love all their products!

How do you embrace the Pure Beginnings lifestyle at home?

We really try to keep everything we use and consume natural and organic where possible. We always eat fresh fruit and veg, steer away from the use of plastics, and use products that are not only good for us but also good for the world around us.

I believe that by making small changes and making conscious decisions every day to live as naturally as we can, we can make a positive impact on our environment. If each of us did something small every day, the world would be a healthier place.

If you weren’t hands-on parenting, or taking beautiful photographs, what would you be doing?

Napping… you know, twin pregnancy! LOL! Kidding. But am I? In a different life I imagine I would have been a chef or food critic.

Name three things you cannot live without:

I hate to admit it, but I’ll be honest – the first thing would be my phone. It’s my link to everything, especially because I’m at home raising babies. Everything is on my phone. My work life, my social life, even my bible readings can be done from my phone. Perhaps I could work on having less screen time though.

The second thing would be my pillow, I have an orthopaedic memory foam pillow and I cannot live without it. I am not ashamed to admit that I take it with me whenever I have to sleep away from home. Nothing compares! I think I also just gave away my age!

The third thing would be good food. Life would be so dull without it. Currently ice cream & waffles are top of the list.

Tell us one thing most people don’t know about you: 

I am very much an open book, so this is a difficult question. I really enjoy sewing and I would say I am a competent seamstress. I don’t get a lot of time for it nowadays, but it’s something that I do with my Nana. It has a special place in my heart because she is the one who taught me. Sewing with her and spending time with her is my happy place.

What excites you most about this ambassadorship?

Everything! I love Pure Beginnings and always recommend it to new parents and to those wanting to move over to more natural personal care products. I feel like I got a “class captain” badge for something that I was already doing anyway!


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