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Meet Brand Ambassador: Sara Booley

I’m Sara, wife, and mom of four. I’m a Postgrad programme coordinator at UCT and student support is one of my key responsibilities. I also coordinate events for them. When I’m not cooking or feeding my family, you can find me browsing the wellness section of any store 😊. For a millennial, I am not the most tech savvy, and I prefer writing shopping & to-do lists on actual paper, rather than keeping them on a device. This is all good and well in theory – but not helpful when I forget the lists on my kitchen counter when I head out the door! 

Tell us more about yourself and your family:

We’re a family of six, perfectly balanced with three guys and three girls! Our four unique little kiddos are aged ten, seven and four, and just five months ago we welcomed our youngest baby girl into the family. We’ve been navigating special needs since the beginning of our parenting journey, with our eldest being diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome shortly after birth. Our home is noisy (our neighbours can surely vouch for that) and our days are chaotic, but our hearts are full!

What are you most passionate about?

All things natural, and holistic health & wellness. My family has been on a natural health journey for the last five years – since after our third child was born. We always seemed to be struggling with the kids having colds and snotty noses – and when I noticed other mom friends struggling with similar issues, I decided to start sharing some of our stories on my Instagram page @thewokemamadiaries. Recently, environmental health education has become a big interest of mine – something I’m hoping to eventually formalize. Repeatedly, research is proving that harmful environmental elements have a negative effect on our wellbeing.

As a mom with little kids running around you, what is your best time/rhythm of each day?

My first cup of coffee following school drop off is my recovery session from the intense morning rush! Because the bulk of my days are spent driving the kids up & down and serving them food, I appreciate the simple pleasure of having a few minutes of downtime to myself. My gym time is also my stress outlet, which I really look forward to every week.

What makes you burst with joy?

Witnessing the bond between my children grow – it’s priceless watching them enjoy one another’s company and how fiercely protective and supportive of each other they are. It makes all the hard work so worthwhile!

How long have you been a Pure Beginnings family? Any favourite products?

It’s been five years this September! I could go on and on, but I’ll stick to a few to keep it simple. Our classic favourites are the Soothing Baby Wash & Shampoo and the Soothing Baby Lotion – the smell is comforting and brings back wonderful memories of the kids when they were younger. In fact, when my five-year-old runs his bath, the Soothing Baby Wash is still the first “bubbles” he reaches for!

For myself, I loooove the “I AM Fresh” body wash and the Monsoon deodorant.

How do you embrace the Pure Beginnings lifestyle at home?

I’d like to believe that we lead a low-tox lifestyle as far as possible. The personal care items, cosmetics, household detergents and even cookware products we use, are chosen with great intention, to reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals.

If you weren’t running around after university students, what would you be doing?

I would be sitting on a sunny farm porch somewhere, growing my own produce and learning to make my own tinctures!

Name three things you cannot live without:

Sunshine, coffee, and cuddles from my babies.

What excites you most about this ambassadorship?

I’m excited to be setting an example and reminding my IG family of what I share on my page very often – that ditching and switching to organic personal care does not have to be expensive or complicated. Pure Beginnings made it easy for us, and if I can do it, anybody can!


Welcome to the family, Sara.


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