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We all know that gratitude keeps us grounded, humble and aware. Looking back on the last few (challenging) years, we have so much to be grateful for.

In the past year…

We added a wonderful new team member, Amber, to our crew at head office. She is like glue. She keeps us connected, accountable and on track. We appreciate you, Amber!

We’ve announced some phenomenal new Brand Ambassadors and Partners. We are so grateful to have these inspiring changemakers join our family.

We launched our first product with 100% biodegradable packaging (well, three products actually), Orchard, Bloom and our recently-updated Insect Repellent Stick. 

We’ve collaborated with some of the loveliest brands, influencers and media in South Africa. This is always an honour we don’t take for granted. Thank you for your partnership.

We created a Shave Guide, a Winter Holiday Survival Guide and a beautiful Baby Milestone Card Set.

We joined a group of 700+ trail runners and braved two days of spectacular trails at the Glencairn Trail Run in the Southern Drakensberg. Using our beautiful products, we recreated the runners’ shower experience and shared our love of watercourse-friendly and biodegradable skin care products. This was new for us, and we loved every second of it.

We launched with some new retailers (doing what we can to make our products more accessible to all of you) including Superbalist, Mr Price Baby and Checkers Little Me stores.

We also saw many of your beautiful faces at the Mama Magic Baby Shows – how lovely is it to be face to face again after all this time? 

Most recently, we added two new certified organic roll-on deodorants, Mineral and Sensitive to our Organic Care range, as well as an Activated Charcoal toothpaste (we know right, how exciting!) 

We are immensely grateful to you, our Pure Beginnings families, for supporting us along this journey.

Thank you.

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