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We love hearing real stories from you, our customers. Recently we asked if our Probiotic Sensitive Cream Wash and Body Cream have helped you, and we were thrilled to receive the replies. Here are a few of the stories we received…

My baby boy was born prematurely 7 weeks ago via emergency c section. He spent 2 weeks in NICU and once we brought him home, we needed to ensure we did everything in our power to best look after his extra delicate skin and underdeveloped immune system. I was terrified of using standard baby products on him, and after doing a huge amount of research I came across Pure Beginnings. The organic ingredient list made me really happy, and when I discovered the probiotic range, I was even more thrilled!

I’ve been using the sensitive probiotic wash and baby cream daily. The products are so gentle, and I can tell that they don’t strip my baby’s skin, nor dry it out. In addition to that, both my paediatrician and the nurses at my baby clinic swear by the Pure Beginnings brand, lauding it as an excellent product range. I even used the wash when cleaning my c-section cut. I haven’t tried any other products on my baby – and I don’t want to either.” Tania

“I absolutely love the Pure Beginnings Probiotic Baby Body Cream. My baby boy had eczema from a gluten and dairy allergy. Once I’d removed them from his diet his body started to heal. I also started using the Probiotic Body Cream and it made a huge difference. It helped clear the eczema and gave him relief from the itching – and he has no scars! It’s also wonderful for his dry cheeks in cold winter weather.” Paige 

“The Probiotic Body Cream works incredibly well for eczema and other skin conditions like baby acne. I’ve tried and tested it on both my kids. It really is a great product!” Megan 

“Strange as it may sound, I’ve been using the Probiotic Range on myself. I suffer from extremely dry skin, as well as psoriasis outbreaks, and this can have me scratching until I bleed. I was gifted a few of the Pure Beginnings probiotic products and I am happy to tell you that they have had an amazing effect on my skin! No other body/bath/skin products have had the same healing impact on my extremely sensitive skin. Even though it’s known as a baby product I really believe that adults can benefit from the Probiotic Range.” Vanessa

“The Probiotic Body Wash is a must for babies with sensitive skin! My baby is an allergy baby and this product was a life saver for us with his eczema. It’s gentle on the skin, yet still leaves a lovely smell.” Lorryn

“My God-children are both in the foster system and one of them was born addicted to drugs. She was going though severe withdrawal when she was a baby and had welts all over her skin. The Pure Beginnings Probiotic Body Cream was an absolute life saver for her and helped clear the welts and nourish her skin. Since then we’ve only use Pure Beginnings.” Helen

“I use the probiotic cream on my husband. From time to time he breaks out in itchy urticaria. We are not sure what causes it, but in desperation one day he grabbed our daughter’s Probiotic Body Cream and I rubbed it all over his back. He was amazed at how quickly it eased the discomfort and helped clear his skin.” Debra

Thank you to all the women who shared their stories with us.

We hope this inspires you and gives you confidence if you are struggling with a child with sensitive skin. Read more about our certified organic Probiotic Baby Skincare range here.

All stories were shared with the permission of the author.