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We are committed to providing high quality, safe and effective organic skin care products which allow the skin to thrive. Skin health is our primary focus when developing products, and as a result, it drives the choice of each, and every ingredient used in our products. From the mild surfactants that don’t strip the skin of its natural oils through to the prebiotics that nourish the skin’s beneficial bacteria, you can be sure that when it comes to the health of your skin – you can trust us with confidence.


We see health holistically. We have always strived to provide a better, safer alternative that is also affordable and widely available. Reducing our overall chemical burden is an onerous task in modern times, and we are proud to offer a product, that not only works better than conventional products but is tangibly better for you with significantly reduced exposure to chemicals.  Our products do not contain an exhaustive list of ingredients that are deemed unsafe either by Ecocert, our trusted source of ingredient safety, or decided upon by ourselves from extensive scientific literature and data.


We care deeply for the environment around us and strive to protect plant biodiversity and thriving ecosystems through our choice of raw materials and our partnership with various community sourcing cooperatives. We respect the world around us, and ensure our products are all rapidly biodegradable and environmentally and water course friendly. We strongly believe in the rights of animals and do not test our ingredients or the products on animals.


Pure Beginnings has always wanted to bring fun, colour, joy and excitement to babies and kids’ lives through our animated animal characters, vivid use of colour and fun time facts. Our family of characters has grown over the years and have become recognisable faces in thousands of homes across our beautiful country. Ollie the Owl has been a part of the brand from the very beginning and is as loved by our customers as he is by us.


We are passionate about providing our customers with superior, safer alternatives to conventional cosmetic products. Backed by the latest scientific research, we continually invest, innovate and improve our products to deliver the best performance possible for our users. We do not spend extensive money on elaborate marketing campaigns but would rather invest these funds in our products to ensure they have the highest quality and most effective natural and organic ingredients in them.


We are not only passionate about growing our Pure Beginnings community by educating on the substantial skin, health and environmental benefits of organic skin care products, we also believe in empowerment and nurturing fair opportunities. We source ethical, sustainable and fairly traded indigenous ingredients from rural African communities, which not only provides much needed income for these communities but contributes to biodiversity preservation as the communities understand the value in protecting their local forests.


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